12 Psychological Hacks To Sneakily Affect Others!

> 12 Psychological Hacks To Sneakily Affect Others!

Sometimes, we all need a few tricks up our sleeves to impress others. Especially when you're seeing your crush and you want to make a strong impact for example. Be sure to try these tricks next time you're out, and start benefiting!

1. When you need to hear more...

So you'd like to hear more about your friend's story. Just remain silent keep your eye contact for a few seconds after your questions. The rest will come slowly even if they feel irritated at first!

2. If you want others to agree with you...

Just nod slowly while you ask the question you want them to agree on. This secretly tells others to agree with you as you ask the question.

3. Carrying too much?

3. Carrying too much?

Keep talking to your company as you slowly pass things over. Most people would never even question the act and take all the items they can. This might end the conversation with confusion.

4. Thinking of leaving a warm, friendly first impression?

Find a way to keep your hands warm and literally a warm handshake will do the rest for you!

5. How to find out if someone's secretly watching you at the bar?!

Just yawn and look at the suspect while doing so. If they're yawning as well...Bingo!

6. How to keep the crowd from messing with you!

Keep your eyes focused on your destination. People usually look for eye contact in situations like these.

7. If you have doubts about someone telling on you...

7. If you have doubts about someone telling on you...

Sit right next to them. It's usually hard to talk bad about the person sitting next to you. (Exceptions do apply!)

8. Be the king of Rock Paper Scissors!

If you insta challenge people to Rock Paper Scissors, first thing they'll go for will be the scissors!

9. Feeding people broccoli...

9. Feeding people broccoli...

Don't ask if they want broccoli or not. Ask if they'd like 2 or 3 pcs. This way, they'll feel more independent and actually eat them.

10. Time for some mind games!

Pick the word the other party uses frequently and start nodding every time they use it. This will make them use it even more often!

11. Get rid of that song stuck in your head!

Think about the ending to that song and complete the cycle. Studies show we keep repeating the song because it's not finished!

12. If you want to be taken very seriously...

12. If you want to be taken very seriously...

Use past experiences. Go for 'I've learned this from my father/grandparents etc.' People usually take these things more seriously since certain history and experience is mentioned.