12 Problems Food Chain's Bottom Level Creatures Go Through :(


Lions and bears are getting all the credit. How about those poor guys in lower food chain trying to make a living or save their asses. Nature is not just sometimes.

1. You know everyone around wants a piece of you.

2. You can't stop watching your back.

3. "Why me?" That's the question.

4. That sad feeling: "What have I done to them?"

5. They are fast. They are powerful. You? Well, you can hop. YAY!

6. Just three of them are enough to butcher your whole herd.

7. You have to think twice before bringing a baby to this cruel world.

8. Elders will protect us right? Right?

9. No one cares about you in documentaries.

10. Your friends will do nothing when your BFF is getting eaten.

11. No that's not a tiger petting a deer. Just saving it for later.

12. Face it: Your only goal is to make them fatter.

Bonus: Those documentarist bastards...

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