12 Highly Interesting Facts About Drugs & Alcohol


Drugs were first used for medical purposes in history. Over the years, the reasons for taking drugs have changed significantly. Though using drugs is illegal in many countries, there are exceptional situations varying from country to country. Here are 12 different, yet weird facts about drugs & alcohol!

1. In Colombia, illegal drug trading is worth around 10 Billion Dollars each year.

This amount equals to a quarter of the official legal trade inside Columbia.

2. 30% of world famous rock stars are dead because of extreme drug or alcohol use.

3. In Holland, there are official institutions that you can bring your own drugs to get their quality checked.

4. In Singapore, possessing or using narcotic drugs is punished by the death penalty.

5. A fish species called 'Salema Porgy' is known to cause hallucinative effects when it is consumed. The Salema Porgy is usually seen in Mediterranean Sea and around the depths of South America.

6. People who shoot professionally often use alcohol to increase their performance.

Consuming a few ounces of alcohol makes the body calmer and slows down the heartbeat. This increases the chances of hitting the mark.

7. There is a special nail polish that was developed to detect drugs such as roofies in your drink!

8. Every year over 100,000 babies are born addicted to cocaine in the USA.

This is caused by the mother using cocaine during the pregnancy.

9. In North Korea, marijuana is legal and it is not considered to be a narcotic drug.

10. In 1994, 75 bundles of cocaine were thrown from the air in Florida. Surprisingly, the cocaine bundles were thrown to an area where a summit against crime was happening.

11. Many antidepressants cause sexual side effects and limit the feelings of love and romance.

12. Only 1% of heroin addicts agree to go to rehab.

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