12 Habits Of Happy People


We're talking about people who are always cheerful, who always keep their inner child alive, who know how to make their life better and who shine with happiness. 

They have some secrets- and we're here to reveal them!

1. Starting the day early so that they get a good dose of sunshine.


Wish we could just decorate our bedroom's ceilings with a skylight so we could feel the sunshine all the time 🙈😇

2. Keeping their inner child alive and getting their energy out of him/her :)

Playing board games has no age limit! 🤗😜

3. Discovering animals in their natural habitat.

Not when they're locked in cages. 🦁🐮🐨

4. Being in love with jeans, regardless of age.

5. Designing clothes that reflect their style or redesigning their existing clothes.

Who knows your style better than you ? Plus, what’s more fun than wearing your own designs??  ✂👕

6. Knowing that each book has its unique world and enjoying every single story.

Especially if a soft voice is reading to you ^^ 👦👧

7. Exploring different flavors and being open to trying new foods.

Exotic teas, handmade chocolates, local coffees, all of them are amazing! 🌮🌯🍩

8. Being able to have fun anywhere, anytime.

Water gun fights, sliding through the stairs.. 🎮🌊

9. Feeding their soul with music and listening to live music as much as they can.

You hear live music while you are walking down the street… What’s better than that? 🎶🎷🎻

10. Taking good care of their body, style and appearance.

The very first condition to feeling good is looking good, right?  😎💄

11. Getting the most out of city life, and having fun in the streets.

Try being a tourist in your own city for one day, you’ll discover all the beauty around.  🌇🌃🌉

12. Enjoying every season and its fashion trends.

Each season has something beautiful to offer ;) ^^ ☺🤗

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