12 Completely Disturbing Photos That Would Haunt Your Dreams!


Do you believe that the ghosts and other mythical creatures exist? No matter what your response to that question, these creepy photos below will make you question the existence of the paranormal!

1. This girl who just wanted to get a movie from Redbox

2. This ghostly figure standing in the background.

3. These strange hooded figures watching a wedding ceremony.

4. This creepy thing beneath the ice

5. This little kid who seems to be enamored by...something?

6. Someone's watching you.

7. Oh, you thought sheep were cute? Well, think again.

8. Why would anyone create a mask like this?

9. Santa can be terrifying, too.

10. Just someone casually falling from the ceiling!

11. The man standing behind her wasn’t there in real life…

12. Ghost of Lord Combermere

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