11 Useless Things We All Chase Like Kids On Redbull!


We all have those weakness points that activate our inner child and excite the sh*t out of us. Sometimes they are items of nostalgic value and some of them are just so new and cool that we feel that we have to have them.

We have compiled some of the things that we think have such effect on most of us. Here are those 11 things:

1. A super innovative smart phone's new model



2. An amazing pair of expensive shoes in a 70% off sale


You have to act fast if you want it! 🏃👠

3. Mega pimped cake, which is very rich in both chocolate and fruit.

You have to get there before someone else takes the last piece. 🍰🍫🏃

4. That delicious coffee following an at least equally delicious meal.

Run! Get the first cup! ☕🏃

5. The tickets to your favorite singer's concert you have been waiting for a long time


Even the idea of seeing them live is incredible, isn't it? Well, you know what to do if you want to secure a place at the front. Run! 😉🏃

6. Your mom's arms that you've been looking forward to for a while...


The sweetest and most loving of the arms! 😍🏃

7. A big-ass breakfast!

Best morning ever! What else do you do except run to this table? 🏃🏃

8. That first step you will take in the sea during the summer holidays you have been dreaming of all year


You have waited for soooo long. Now it is time to run from the hot sand to the cool sea! 🏖🏃

9. The latest book from your favorite author you've been waiting for months


A great reason to run to your bed before sleeping! 🏃

10. The plane that is going to take us on a great holiday abroad!


Fasten your seat belts! ✈🏃

11. The ice-cream 'truck' on the beach!

Well, there is only so much ice-cream. Make a run for it!  🏃

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