11 Stories Shared On The Internet That'll Make You Lose Your Sleep


We don't know if any of these stories were real but just reading them is enough to give you the chills. Maybe we all experience some paranormal shit during our lifetime but the stories here are just too creepy. Let's just hope that all of them are fake or all of them have a really good reason. Enjoy reading, I guess.

1. Dead woman calling 911.


''One night at about 3 am or so I answered a call from an elderly lady who said she didn't feel good,'' a user named penguinluvinman writes.

Authorities soon found the woman dead when they go to the scene. What makes the story is interesting is that the woman died at least 12 hours before the examination.

The most common theory is that someone who finds the woman dead but doesn't want to get involved, calls 911 by pretending to be her and disappears. This possibility was accepted to a great extent and nothing more was done about the subject.

2. On the brink of death.


According to YoungandLucky, the story takes place in Australia. As they walk on the road with a friend, they see a white van whose tire is flat. The driver asks if he can borrow their jack. The couple leaves without helping the man because they found the case suspicious.

It turns out that the man was Australian serial killer Ivan Milat, who had killed travelers. Crazy!

3. Gunshots at the graveyard.


According to the story of Phoboss, this happens when a group of nightwalkers visits an old graveyard. As they pass by a large grave, one of them says, "That man was shot to death." And then they hear a loud gun shot!

While everyone is panicking, they notice that this is a meteor that fell near and exploded on the ground. Once they calm down, after a while they hear a real gun. A man approaches them from the darkness with a rifle in his hand and says, "What are you doing here? Get the hell out.'' 

The truth is extremely absurd. It turned out that the man was an officer in charge of clearing a group of parasite animals that had occupied the graveyard.

4. Ambulance panic.


Dijibaby7's story is about two health workers who are on the ambulance night shift.

They notice a woman staring at them across the road. The woman disappears after a while.

When one of them wakes up from sleep, he sees the woman again in the same place. He screams and wakes his coworker up. This time the woman slowly approaches the ambulance and comes to the door. At that moment, the officer starts the ambulance's engine and gets away from there.

5. Bullies never die.


ThrowawayNannyJob's story is about a nanny who had a terrifying experience.

The user is constantly being harassed by the workers of a building on her way home. One day, one of them grabs her arm tightly. She then rescues herself and gets home.

The same night she notices a man trying to climb through the house fence with a baseball bat. Immediately she takes the children to a room and secures them. After a while, the owners come and the police are called. The man disappears and is never seen again.

6. Mysterious whistle.


The story BingBong1234 tells is about whistles from nowhere. The user says he first heard this whistle when he was 8 years old and then heard the same whistle after many years. 

While sitting by the lake with his girlfriend, a man with a canoe approaches the shore and starts to whistle at them. Though they shout at the man, he doesn't answer and slowly moves away.

It is also thought that the guy who whistled could be the mythical character El Silbon, known as the 'whistler.'

7. I killed my sister's boyfriend.


A Reddit user has been reported to the FBI after he used a popular cuddly bear meme to seemingly confess to murdering his sister's abusive boyfriend.

The user, named Naratto, posted a thread with the title, 'Finally have the guts to say it' to Reddit's AdviceAnimals subforum late on Saturday night.

First, they erased the post but later it was found out this was fake after his sister's testimony.

8. ''I'm an ISIS member, let me take your question'.'


A user named chechclear said he was a member of ISIS and started answering questions.

Later, the same user was killed in an air attack.

9. You have a visitor.

FatNDepressed, who started using a home alarm and kept getting messages on his smartphone at night saying somebody's at the door couldn't find anyone despite checking the door several times.

In the last alarm he sees this photo.


He doesn't see the man again and the alarm starts working normally.

10. Exploding glass.


While sitting in the kitchen with his father, the user hears multiple loud glass breaks. They go out of the house immediately, but they don't see anything.

The next day when they open the kitchen closet, they realize that all the glass in the kitchen is broken. Thus, they understand the source of the loud noise.

11. Sleep paralysis is not your friend.


Sleep paralysis is something that almost everybody experiences. But what this user is talking about is extremely frightening. The user who opens his eyes during the paralysis sleep sees a silhouette on top of him that looks like his friend. He approaches him and whispers, "You thought I was your friend but I am here to destroy you."

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