11 Moments Making You Question The Very Existence Of Your Sibling...

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> 11 Moments Making You Question The Very Existence Of Your Sibling...

The love for siblings is incomparable and priceless, yet there are such moments that might kinda overshadow this love.

1. The moment that your mom goes "Take your little brother/sister with you." when you are about to go out with friends.

2. The moment when your dad says "He/she is still young, you should go." when you are trying to ship your brother/sister off to buy bread to the grocery store.

3. The moment when your mom says "Be silent, don't wake your brother/sister." when you are getting ready for school at the crack of down.

4. That moment when your mom asks you to blow the candles on your birthday cake with your brother/sister.

5. The moment when your mom leaves your younger sibling in the room that you and your crush are in during a visit.

6. The moment when your mom walks in and says "Let your sister/brother watch some TV, too" and turns on Dora cold-bloodedly while you are watching Tsubasa.

7. The moment when your dad accuses you of lying and blaming your 'innocent' sibling, as you say it is indeed your sibling's fault while you are being blamed for sth that they have done.

And that moment when you see that evil smirk on their face...

8. The moment when your dad, who is initially clueless, 'somehow' learns that you have arrived home one hour later than your curfew.

9. The moment when the little one goes "If my sister/brother isn't going, I am not going either.' just while you are happily planning on staying home alone.

10. The moment your mom replies upon your inquiry "It isn't the end of the world if your little brother/sister wears if for a day." when you want to wear your favorite sweater but just can't find it in your dresser.

11. That 'aging' moment when the relations that see you two after a long time think that your little sibling is the older one and actually say it out loud.

Bonus: That 'delicious' moment when you aren't eating a dish that you don't really like and suddenly have to suck it up and eat it because your little sibling says "If he/she isn't eating it, I am not either!"