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10 Types Of Guys Defined By Their Response Times!

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Ahhhh the cursed "Seen" or "Read" notification...It's the ultimate deal breaker of our time! It gives people "the right" to judge you all they want because of your response time. In this case, we make things easier for you by defining 10 types of guys by their response times!

1. Overly good guy texting back before you warn!

Before you actually hit "Send" and scold him, he'll reply back just the way you've wanted, answering all your questions.

Cutie cutie level: 9/10

Response time: 28 minutes

Attitude factor: 0.85


Your ideal guy...He'll stop what he's doing to text you back.

Cutie cutie level: 8/10

Response time: Just under 2 minutes!

Attitude factor: 0.70

3. Sneaky one waiting 5 minutes before he starts acting...

Just so you don't end up thinking he has nothing better do, he waits a bit before he starts typing.

Cutie cutie level: 6/10

Response time: 10+ minutes

Attitude factor: 0.618

4. Consulting his friends before typing...

This is probably his first relationship and he wants to play it safe. After long discussions, you'll get your tailored message. 

Cutie cutie level: 5.7/10

Response time: 11.5 minutes

Attitude factor: 0.58

5. Texting back based on your last response time.

Such a politician...He waits and waits and waits then makes you wait in agony! 

Cutie cutie level: 4.4/10

Response time: Same as yours!

Attitude factor: 0.99 and counting!

6. Instantly seeing it but acting like the fool he actually is.

He keeps postponing it because he knows you'll keep coming back. Well, maybe some privacy?

Cutie cutie level: 6/10

Response time: 45 minutes

Attitude factor: 0.16

7. The risk-taker who sees it an hour after!

He actually means well...But his wrong choices make him seem so badly. Or is he plotting the perfect cheating scenario?

Cutie cutie level: 8/10 (in theory) 2/10 (in practice)

Response time: 50+ minutes

Attitude factor: 0.12

8. The suspicious type!

Gerçekten şüphelidir. 

Cutie cutie level: 1.5/10

Response time: 3 hours!

Attitude factor: 0.08

9. The guy that waits ages!

He has important things to do, he has issues to sort out. Not everything is all about you. Why are you with him, again?

Cutie cutie level: 0.73/10

Response time: 100+ hours!

Attitude factor: 0.07

10. He who never responds!

He just calls instead. What's this sorcery? Emojis, heart shaped messages etc. He believes in more personal touch. Or that's what HE says!

Cutie cutie level: Say what?

Response time: 1 minute 15 secs.

Attitude factor: Negotiable!

Created by an Onedio member. No intervention by Onedio Staff. You can freely create Onedio content.

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