10 Screen Power Couples That Actually Hate Each Other!


These people are actors for a reason... Although we think that they are great on the big screen, some celebrities actually hate each other IRL. Here are some serious celebrity feuds:

1. Tony Curtis and Marilyn Monroe | Some Like It Hot

Curtis and Monroe were getting along well in the beginning. Then, things went wrong. Curtis explained that kissing Monroe was like kissing Hitler. "She deliberately put her tongue into my trachea and I felt like choking."

2. Lucy Liu and Bill Murray | Charlie’s Angels

Murray was replaced with Bernie Mac for the second movie because it is claimed that Murray constantly criticized Lucy Liu on the set.

3. Lea Michele and Naya Rivera | Glee

These two had a big fight on the set. Following it, Michelle requested Rivera to leave the show and asked writers to change the scenario. She managed to convince the writers during the 5th season.

4. Mark Walhberg and Leonardo DiCaprio | The Basketball Diaries

DiCaprio was unhappy about Wahlberg's role in the movie. However, Wahlberg was lucky that the director Scott Kalvert auditioned him for the role.

5. Anne Hathaway and James Franco

These two hosted the 2011 Academy Awards together. After the ceremony Franco told to a TV show that Hathaway considered him as a person who never does bad things, a perfectionist.

6. James Franco and Tyrese Gibson | Annapolis

These two really hate each other. Elle Magazine asked Gibson which celebrity's house he would like to blow up and he replied James Franco!

7. Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling | The Notebook

The most surprising one amongst all of these celebrities! Although these two got into a real relationship after this movie, Gosling claimed that he couldn't go into this movie with McAdams in the beginning. He requested that McAdams be replaced with another actress because he couldn't feel anything and wouldn't be able to act.

8. Jamie Foxx and LL Cool J | Any Given Sunday

These two actors lost themselves on set and actually hit each other during a scene.

9. Claire Danes and Leonardo DiCaprio | Romeo and Juliet

Danes was unhappy about her co-worker DiCaprio and his behavior. Leonardo was 16 at that time. Danes claimed that DiCaprio made unpleasant jokes around the set that made everyone uncomfortable. She added that she avoided talking to him on set whenever possible.

10. Sir Anthony Hopkins and Shirley MacLaine | A Change of Seasons

The rumor is that Hopkins hated to be on the same project with MacLaine. Hopkins later took things further by stating that "She was the most terrible actor that I worked with."

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