10 "Reasons" Why The Youngest Kid Is The Most Creative!

> 10 "Reasons" Why The Youngest Kid Is The Most Creative!

Based on recent findings, while the kids with the most problems are usually the middle siblings, it’s the youngest ones who take the biggest steps toward a creative career and are the most chilled ones in a family with many children. Is that a coincidence? We don’t think so. The science world did the necessary research on this and put the proof out for us. Many thanks for those scientists making those thousands of euros of salary. We’ll now try to explain the research findings with simple language.

1. A family’s most “irresponsible” members are the littlest ones.

According to research, while the youngest siblings feel responsible 31% of the time, the older siblings say the same thing 54%. The ones who have the least responsibility in the family feel more free and find the time to devote to creative things. While the older child works to pay the bills, the little one can play with Legos, for instance.

2. They become individuals who have been encouraged to follow their dreams and to use their creativity and abilities.

The research clearly states that 17% of families name the youngest member of the family as the favorite one, while only 10% names older ones the same. These little ones get the most support when they want to follow their dreams.

3. They are more successful in ‘not’ obeying the rules.

Don’t think it's a rebellion, it's just that the irresponsible and chilled individuals are more successful in making the family rules more flexible.  There are less rules restricting little siblings with the support of their older siblings and the experiences the family gains from those older siblings.

4. The feeling of trust and flexibility that having an older sibling brings.

It’s priceless to know that there is someone around who experienced the same problems you’ll face in the future. The littlest child of the family enjoys getting the most out of those experiences and feeling the support, so they go beyond creativity with this ease of mind.

5. I will make the rules!

Yes, the little sibling is born into this struggle. Because the world they were born into is one that their older siblings shape with their own rules. The struggle starts as they try to make their own rules and destroy the previous game in the house. Is that easy, though? Of course not, so the struggle pushes them to use the most creativity.

6. Wearing the older sibling’s old clothes is actually the gateway to creativity for those little ones.

The most dramatic story told about the little child, is that they don’t have anything new and that they have to always wear hand-me-downs. It’s actually not the case. The struggle of getting those old clothes together and trying to make them like today’s fashion broadens their creativity. Although the situation looks like a disadvantage, it will actually make that little kid a fashion genius.

7. The ones who’re into technology know that most of the games, applications and programs are actually created by the youngest kid of the family.

While the older kids cried to their families to make them buy a new computer to do homework on, little kids are born into a house filled with computers, tablets and smartphones. Plus, they don’t have to spend much time figuring out how to use them since they have the older siblings to teach them. The closeness they have with technology, this ease of usage, this simplicity will push them to be creative on technological staff. There is no other way.

8. It's your problem if you don't find me funny.

According to BCC’s research, 50% of the youngest siblings find it easy to impress others and make people laugh. Is this surprising? No, because they have this intelligence in their nature, the ability they grow organically in the family they are born in. Science is stating it, not me. So they use creativity to make themselves accepted and impress others.

9. If there is an uncreative youngest sibling, it means he doesn’t want to be creative.

The trainer Jonathan Halls says we all have creativity inside of us, the only

thing is whether it’s developed in time or not. So the littlest child actually gets the benefit of the chilled, no responsibility, instructive, safe environment he lives in. Their families are now more experienced, more understanding and they also benefit from their older sibling’s experiences and knowledge.

10. “Free time” is the youngest sibling’s thing.

No scientists said anything about this, but I do have some stuff to say. It’s usually the older siblings doing the chores, and they don’t like to stay at home. If the parents are working too, these kids have 24/7 free time. Not counting the puberty stuff, these kids has a vast amount of time to waste on their creativity. Once, a known education scientist said: 'Let your kids get bored for them to be creative.' Well, duh, the youngest sibling is always bored.