10 Most Emotional Soccer Moments Of 2016 To Give You All 'Dem Feels...


Soccer fans aren't only about partying after victories, celebrating the goals and cups, and cheering for the team they support. There are also quite sad, emotional, deep and beautiful moments in soccer. True soccer lovers also cherish these moments.

Here are the most emotional soccer moments of 2016!

1. Schweinsteiger says goodbye to the German national team in tears.

2. Mata's amazing gesture:

Juan Mata, Spanish professional playing for Manchester United made it to a fan in wheel-chair to take a photo together, although he had to pass through other fans!

3. Guardiola's emotional farewell from Bayern München...

He said his goodbye to the club by winning yet another cup! Things got quite teary and emotional at the end of the last game.

4. Zlatan Ibrahimovic's last game for Paris Saint-Germain FC.

He had been working magic since the first day he joined the club, and his farewell was also quite emotional.

5. When a disabled fan of Tottenham was invited onto the pitch...

The video of this cute little guy playing soccer with star professionals had millions of views online.

6. The 4th sad final that made Messi decide to leave the Argentinian national team...

Lionel Messi, the biggest legend of Argentinian soccer after Maradona, announced that he was leaving the national team after losing the final of Copa America against Chile after penalty kicks by saying it was too much for him to lose four finals. Messi later on indeed return to the national team but still gave us one of the most emotional sports events footage.

7. How the fans reacted after Atletico Madrid lost the Champion's League Final...

Atletico Madrid, lost two of the three finals they played against Real Madrid in Champion's League. This being the case there was a lot of emotion during the penalty shots and after the game.

8. When the Portuguese cried with joy and the French with sorrow....

Portugal, who lost the game against Belgium thanks to Eder's strong kick that turned into a goal in the 109. minute, ended up winning Euro 2016 against France. At the end of the game, everybody was crying, but each because of two opposite emotions.

9. Ronaldo's tears...

Ronaldo, who got injured in his left knee as a result of Payet's tackle tried to play for a while, only to let himself go on the field at the end. He then proceeded with treatment off the field and got back on the field. Although he played for a couple of minutes, he couldn't succeed and had to leave the game on a stretcher in tears. Considering that it was the final of Euro 2016, his frustration and ambition is quite easy to relate to.

10. The little, but big-hearted Portuguese fan consoling the French....

Euro 2016 ended with this striking and memorable footage. French fans who were quite beaten by the loss were consoled by a young Portuguese child, who reminded the whole world of the beauty of soccer.

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