20+ Best Quotes to Show Your Husband Some Love
Looking for a sweet surprise for your husband? Whether you are renewing your wedding vows for a speech at your anniversary dinner or just want to do it out of appreciation, sharing a love quote for your husband is always a good idea.Here’s a list of quotes from literature and music that are sure to melt your husband’s heart.
Zendaya’s Family and Siblings: Her Mom & Dad and Brothers & Sisters Revealed
Even before she became MJ in Marvel’s Spiderman Universe, Zendaya Maree Stoermer Coleman was already a pretty prominent individual from a young age. She’s widely known as a young Disney star who rose to fame for her funny roles in Disney shows.This isn’t a surprise considering her very charming family life.
30 Gender Neutral Names for Your Child
Naming your first child could be the foremost daunting task for new parents, particularly nowadays when the awareness for gender-fluid parenting is at an all-time high. To help you decide, we’ve put together a list of 30 gender-neutral names to choose from.
A Short History of the Graham Cracker
Graham crackers have become the base of many of our favorite desserts- from holding up toasted marshmallows with chocolate syrup for campfire s’mores, to being ground up to form pie crusts for decadent cheesecakes, as well as many more deserts.We’ve also learned to eat it on its own as cookie manufacturers laced it with honey and cinnamon. It’s so common that we never even asked, “Why was it made?” That is until the question was asked on TikTok and Twitter, sparking a barrage of people turning to good-old Google for the answer. More surprising than people actually bothering to find out was the answer itself. Entrepreneur Magazine was among the first to write about the history of the Graham cracker online. According to their research, a minister in New Jersey named Sylvester Graham invented the cracker in 1829 as a means for people to curb sexual desires, much like the invention of cereals.
30+ Evil Baby Names from the Bible, Movies and Vampire Stories
What’s in a name? Even if a rose by any other name would smell just as sweet, the bullies in the playground couldn’t care less. So if you want to make sure that you give your baby a shot at being tease-proof, here’s a list of names to avoid:
10 Charities to Donate Used Children's Toys in the US
It’s always a good idea to donate used toys- whether you are teaching your kids to go Mari Kondo and keep only what brings them joy, or simply want to teach them the joys of giving.It is important though to remember to keep the health of the recipient in mind before you unload your toys- try to give them a quick clean and ensure your stuffed animals are free from any bed bugs or mites. Some institutions like hospitals, daycares, and orphanages are very careful about which toys to accept to avoid any possible sickness or infestation. If you are looking at donating, you are better off giving away plastic, wood or metal toys. Here’s a list of places where you can donate your used toys in the United States.
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