10+ Best Quentin Tarantino Movies Ranked by IMDB Score
Quentin Jerome Tarantino is an American film director, actor, and screenwriter with two Oscars. Tarantino films have a unique energy and subject. The director's followers usually know what to expect when they watch a Tarantino movie. The director's films usually come to the fore with their non-linear story flow, dialogues, and bloody violent scenes. With his Tarantino films, he brought a new breath to the clichéd American films.We have compiled the 13 best films of Quentin Tarantino, one of the best directors of all time, according to the IMDb ranking.Enjoy watching!
25+ Best Korean Dramas and Movies with Highest iMDB Scores
With the Hallyu, that is, the Korean wave, which has spread rapidly throughout the world, Korean dramas are watched with great interest. Many people wonder why these TV series are so popular in our country and around the world. So what makes these series so interesting?
Harry Potter Movies Ranked From Worst to Best
Phenomenal fantasy writer JK Rowling became a world-renowned name with her Harry Potter series. Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint shared the lead roles in the series, which was decided to be screened in a short time. Incorporating many important names, the series has become one of the cult fantasy series of the silver screen. Eight films of the series, which deal with the encounter of an orphan boy with lifelong friendships and deadly enemies, as he learns that he is a magician and embarks on a magical adventure, were ranked from worst to best by Digital Spy editors in honor of Rowling's birthday.
Now Streaming on HBO Max: Movies for Every Mood
Awards season is officially beginning, so if you’re not catching up on all the new films, you might want some old classics instead. Since HBO Max has a good mix of old and new movies (as well as critically acclaimed TV series), here are a few old ones while you wait to see who collects the most awards this year.
16 Best Comedy Shows to Watch on Netflix in 2022
Netflix has entered almost every country, leading the world in producing original content in digital broadcasting. The most popular aspect of Netflix, which changed viewing habits and set the agenda in a very short time in Turkey, is that it hosts many comedy contents. If you want to have fun and entertaining moments, here are the funniest Netflix comedy series!
12 Alternative TV Shows for Those Who Can't Forget 'Lost'
Lost is one of the TV series that played the most important role in spreading the foreign TV series culture in Turkey. Jeffrey Lieber, Damon Lindelof, and J.J. Coming from the genius minds of Abrams Lost includes many topics from smoke monsters to time travel. Lost, which is about a group of survivors whose planes crashed on a tropical island, covered many different themes over the course of 6 seasons. The character developments, the transitions of the subjects, and the bonds between the subjects are given to the audience in a very impressive way.
9 Shows to Watch on Netflix If You Enjoyed Money Heist
Money Heist, aka La Casa de Papel, one of the most loved series of Netflix, became the most-watched television series in France, Italy, Argentina, Chile, Brazil, and Portugal. The series has a significant fan base in North Africa, the Middle East, and our country. The series, which was on the verge of cancellation before Netflix bought its rights, has 19 awards, including the Emmy Awards.Money Heist, one of the most cleverly prepared series that the audience watched on the screen, created a huge fan base around the world. We have listed the alternative series for you, for the series that made its finale with the 5th season.
10 Best Vampire Shows on Netflix | 2022
We have listed the most-watched Netflix vampire series by fans of fantasy series about vampires. Our content includes the best vampire-themed series to watch. Here are the top 10 Netflix vampire series that won acclaim for their scenario and subject...
23 Best Youth TV Series You Will Feel The Youth Spirit To Your Bones
In recent years, the TV series industry has been very active. With the proliferation of digital content platforms that offer different alternatives to users, the competition in the TV series sector has reached the top. For this reason, many new series are being released. Among these TV series, in which users show great interest, the most striking ones are undoubtedly youth TV series. We have written the 23 best youth TV series for you so that we will not understand how the time passes while watching. Here are some entertaining youth TV series…
Here's How HBO Max's 'Kimi' Ranks With Steven Soderbergh's New Movies
Fans of director Stephen Soderbergh are in for a treat! On February 10th, HBO Max released Kimi, the seventh of his directorial features since 2017. How does this technology-themed thriller rank with the recent filmography of this prolific filmmaker? Find out below in a breakdown of Soderbergh’s last five years.Ranked best to worst, based on signature Steven Soderbergh appeal:
10+ Best Lesbian Movies on Netflix [Updated for 2022]
With the modernization of societies, concepts such as lesbianism and homosexuality have come to the fore. Now people can express their sexual preferences more easily. For this reason, lesbian and gay subjects are handled in various films. There are lesbian movies that attract attention and are shown as favorites by many. There are many movies in the category of lesbian movies. We have compiled them for you, let's take a look together.
10 Best Shows to Watch on Apple TV+ Right Now
Apple TV+ hasn't quite got its place in the streaming wars yet, but if you're tired of the shows on Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime, or just want to use your Apple TV+ subscription, there are some worthwhile shows. The premium, the ad-free streaming platform includes a host of original series from famous talents, but not all of them are worth your time. We found out which shows are really worth watching. Here are our picks for the best shows on Apple TV+.
19 Must-Watch BBC Documentaries That Will Make You Smarter
You can come across extraordinary BBC-made documentaries that you must watch. Thanks to many productions on historical processes, nature, and technology, you can watch documentaries where you can master different subjects. You can list by IMDb scores for the best BBC documentaries with features that can fulfill your desire to reach the most interesting information. Here are the most-watched and highly rated BBC documentaries:
15 Best LGBTQ+ Movies and Series
Although the subject of homosexuality is still taboo today, it should be seen by everyone that love knows no boundaries. We have selected the most gripping LGBT+ movies for you that will break your prejudices and make you look at the world with love. Here is our list of LGBT films and series about the love and lives of LGBT+ individuals in the best way.
'The Sea Beast': An Animated Feature Film by Netflix Coming This 2022
The Sea Beast is one of the major animated feature films set to debut on Netflix in 2022. The project was initially titled Jacob and the Sea Beast and was described as 'charming seafarer sails into unexplored waters and encounters an odd companion in a sea monster' when it was first announced in 2018.
15+ Best Horror & Thriller Series on Netflix by IMDb Ratings
Horror and thriller series can be one of the most popular TV series categories. We've brought together the best horror and thriller series on Netflix for you. IMDb scores of these productions, which are among the best series of recent times, are also quite high.Then come on, let's move on to our series list!
15 Best Korean Dramas on Netflix to Put on Your Watch List in 2022
If you are one of those who love Netflix's new series Squid Game or All of Us Are Dead, and look for new examples, you are at the right place. The Korean industry, which has been producing high-level series around the world for many years and opening the door to adaptations, has been very close to Netflix in recent years. On this occasion, we took a closer look at 15 Korean special series among them!Don't forget to share your favorite Korean dramas on Netflix in the comments!
46 Mind-Blowing Science Fiction Movies That Must Be Watched
Science fiction movies are one of our favorite movie genres to watch. They are movies that take us away from time to time, make us dream, and make us experience different emotions.There are movies in many different categories in our list of the best science fiction movies we have prepared for you. We have included the most beautiful films in many categories, from space films to scientific films, from mind-blowing films to inspiring ones.The science fiction movies list is sorted by IMDb scores.Enjoy watching.
We Reveal 17 Movies That Are Almost Hidden Gems You Can Watch on Amazon Prime
Are you one of those who say: 'Can't find a new movie to watch?'  Then this content is for you. Let's take you to our content for high-quality unheard movies that you can watch on Amazon Prime, one of the most famous digital movie and TV series platforms...Note: The subjects of the films are taken from, and the ranking of the films is based on IMDb scores.“We hope you love the productions we have recommended! If you decide to shop from this content, Onedio can generate revenue from the links on the page.”Click here for Amazon Prime membership.
The Best Netflix Series and Movies For Those Who Fall Into The Void After Lucifer Is Over
Lucifer, which made the finale with its 5th season last year and upset its fans, left a deep void behind it. Fortunately, there are many TV shows and movies that will fill the void left behind the series that won the love of millions with its charismatic demon! If you like Lucifer's style, don't worry about the finale, because there are a lot of TV series and movies on the Netflix platform that Lucifer fans can love. Here are the beautiful productions on the Netflix platform that Lucifer lovers will love:
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