Funny Marriage Memes That Will Make You Laugh!
Marriage is the union of two very different persons. Some say it’s a very awesome thing to experience–but for some, it may be… chaotic. These funny marriage memes will either make you rolling on the floor laughing–or questioning your own marriage. So read on and share this post!
Funny License Plates Spotted by Locals that Will Make You Laugh
From the wittiest to the funniest, we've got a collection of license plates that will either make you laugh or be amazed.These works of art will make you want one! Scroll further and discover some of the most interesting license plates you would ever see.
Funny Mom Memes You Can Share to the Squad
Moms are probably one of the best things life has to offer--they do things for you; cook, clean, and take care of basically everything. They also come in handy when you misplace things; their X-Ray vision will find them anywhere.Apart from being a superhero, there may be times when moms face situations that could turn into a laughing stock. Continue scrolling and see these funny mom memes that will make you giggle.
30 of the Best Two-Line Funny Jokes That Will Make You Laugh
Most of the funniest two-line jokes you will find may sound a bit corny--but nevertheless, they'll tickle your funny bone and make you chuckle!You can also use these short jokes to light up the mood or make dull conversations sound better. Whatever the reasons are, keep reading and we're sure you'll have a good laugh!
Revealing the Richest of Them All: Stranger Things Casts Net Worth Ranked
With the worldwide success of the Stranger Things franchise, the fandom is expecting that the cast of the second most-streamed show on Netflix is now swimming in thousands of dollars!The kids and supporting casts who starred in the first two seasons of Stranger Things reportedly received about $30,000 each episode. They each received about $510,000 as a result. The cast negotiated their pay in advance of season three, thus they received an increase. They received about $2 million in total, or $250k each episode, in season three. Therefore, several of the cast members had already made over $2.5 million before season four even premiered.The veterans, on the other hand, undoubtedly made more money (sometimes even twice as much), largely due to their prior experience and overall presence in Hollywood.For the curious cats, read on because you will discover the cast's acting career and their net worth in 2022.
Who are Stranger Things Main Casts Dating in Real Life?
We get it Stranger Thing fans--you all love how the pairings are going on the show. Well, who doesn't want Mike and Eleven ending up together in real life? How about Max and Lucas fulfilling their cinema date off screen? Dustin and Suzie fulfilling their Never Ending Story while being all geeky?Although these pairings aren't couples in real life, we know you want to know who their real love interests are.
10 Best Drinking Games That are Sure to Liven Up Your Party
Ah, drinking games. What is a party without one? Remember the last time you had one? Probably not all the details, but you’re not alone and your secrets are safe with us! Drinking games are about as old as alcohol itself. You can thank the fun-loving ancient greeks for the invention of drinking parties as we know them today and also for the first-ever recorded drinking game called “kottabos”- a game wherein you throw the dregs of wine found at the bottom of your drinking cup against a wall in competition, post-chug. Not very complex we know, but drinking games are a tradition and are all about speed and endurance.
5 Hilarious 'YOU' Memes To Get Us Ready For Season 4
Creepy, Funny, Macabre, or Sickeningly Romantic. No matter how you describe one of the best and top rated series in Netflix, YOU, you have to admit that the quirky and deadly couple Joe and Beth, make almost every moment “memeable” (shall we make this a word?)  indeed. If you are one of those few who have yet to follow the lives of what could be the most complicated of serial killer couples (are there any that are not?) then I suggest you get your Netflix game in order- you certainly won’t regret it! For those who have gone through the series, then this is definitely for you. Here’s a dose of witty and funny YOU memes to use in common social media scenarios. When you know something they don’t but can’t really say anything yet, or you aren’t really sure about your facts yet but want to seem like you do, know it all. This meme from Bitchygirlsmeme on Insta can say it all just perfectly.
15 Best Thrillers on Netflix That Will Keep You on The Edge of Your Seat
Are you one of those who can't get enough of watching thriller movies? It is a fact that we love watching TV series full of tension. While trying to solve murders and police investigations, Here are some of the best of the thriller series for you, in which we delve deep into the characters and discover their secrets... So get ready! We have listed the great thrillers of Netflix for you.
10 Best Animations to Watch on Netflix Right Now
Netflix, one of the largest online streaming services in the world, is also appreciated for its animated films that appeal to all ages. Here are 10 successful animated films on the platform.
10 Best Teen Dramas Like 'Elite'
The Spanish youth series Elite, broadcast on the Netflix digital platform, won the admiration of many viewers, especially young people. If you liked the Elite series, there are many series with similar stories that you can watch with pleasure. We listed the series that Elite lovers can watch with pleasure and briefly talked about the stories of the series.
15 Best Crime Series on Netflix for Those Who Want to Get Lost in Mystery
Crime fictions always attract a lot of attention because they promise mind games to their enthusiasts. For example, you speculate on the case Sherlock Holmes is trying to solve, or you follow the murderers out of breath with a detective you love. Detective series from many different countries are offered to the audience on Netflix, who want to experience this excitement. If you are fond of detective series, take a look at our list. Here are the 15 best crime-themed TV shows on Netflix.
All Spider-Man Movies Ranked From Worst to Best
Even folks who aren't fans of comic books or the Marvel world have heard of Spiderman from time to time. Since his debut, Spiderman has established himself as one of the most recognizable characters. Here are the Superman films, ranked from worst to greatest by IMDb ratings!
15 Best Scandinavian Shows That Also Inspired Other TV Shows
Any serial addicts here? Welcome! If you have finished all the TV series on the market and you want to examine the TV series from different geographies that have not yet come to light, this list is for you. We have listed beautiful TV series for you, which are the productions of Scandinavian countries such as Sweden, Norway, and Denmark, which made a lot of noise in their countries and inspired other productions. Have a good time already!
Best Tinder-Swindler Alternatives for Those Who Like Crime-Themed Shows
As you know, Netflix recently broke viewership records by releasing a documentary film called Tinder Swindler. This documentary, which the whole world is talking about, continues to be a game-changer.We have brought together many productions with the taste of Tinder Swindler for you. Let's move on to our crime and fraud-themed TV series and movie recommendations.
10+ Best Quentin Tarantino Movies Ranked by IMDB Score
Quentin Jerome Tarantino is an American film director, actor, and screenwriter with two Oscars. Tarantino films have a unique energy and subject. The director's followers usually know what to expect when they watch a Tarantino movie. The director's films usually come to the fore with their non-linear story flow, dialogues, and bloody violent scenes. With his Tarantino films, he brought a new breath to the clichéd American films.We have compiled the 13 best films of Quentin Tarantino, one of the best directors of all time, according to the IMDb ranking.Enjoy watching!
25+ Best Korean Dramas and Movies with Highest iMDB Scores
With the Hallyu, that is, the Korean wave, which has spread rapidly throughout the world, Korean dramas are watched with great interest. Many people wonder why these TV series are so popular in our country and around the world. So what makes these series so interesting?
Harry Potter Movies Ranked From Worst to Best
Phenomenal fantasy writer JK Rowling became a world-renowned name with her Harry Potter series. Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint shared the lead roles in the series, which was decided to be screened in a short time. Incorporating many important names, the series has become one of the cult fantasy series of the silver screen. Eight films of the series, which deal with the encounter of an orphan boy with lifelong friendships and deadly enemies, as he learns that he is a magician and embarks on a magical adventure, were ranked from worst to best by Digital Spy editors in honor of Rowling's birthday.
Now Streaming on HBO Max: Movies for Every Mood
Awards season is officially beginning, so if you’re not catching up on all the new films, you might want some old classics instead. Since HBO Max has a good mix of old and new movies (as well as critically acclaimed TV series), here are a few old ones while you wait to see who collects the most awards this year.