You Would Love To Join The Norwegian Navy Now! Meet Lieutenant Lasse Matberg!

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If you haven't seen the Instagram celebrity, Lasse Løkken Matberg, you would regret it! Let's have a closer look to this handsome man:

He is a Lieutenant at a Norwegian Navy.

He is the living proof of the coolness of sailors.

He makes his 602k followers happy every time his shares a photo of himself.

His followers call him, "modern time viking."

Blue eyes, perfect hair, perfect smile...

Despite all the mud all over his body, he is still handsome.

You might think he is short. But we are sorry, he is 6'6" (1.98).

Wanna go to Norway and join the Navy?

Men with long hair are not masculine. Who says that?

The hair bun perfectly suits him. 😍

Thor of Hercules? 😎

He is, like, not from this world!

You don't need this puppy to look cute..

If he is a human, what are we?

He has received lots of proposals on Instagram. 💓

But he is a bit uncomfortable with this.

There are even some comments like, "get me pregnant."

Who wouldn't like to be this barber. 😍

Sometime you just wanna be a coffee.

The perfect bun!

That's a bit too much!

Feast for your eyes; some of his Instagram photos.

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