Yoga Or Professional Photography? You Be The Judge!


You've tried all the crazy positions (giggity) just to take photos. Let me look at it again... oh, yes! You literally have tried everything, and it seems like you've also experienced a life's worth of yoga poses along the way, too!

1. "F*ck I am thirsty! Will anyone notice it if I sneak a sip from this puddle while pretending to take a photo?"

2. Are you trying to dodge a bullet in the Matrix or are you just taking a photo?

Hmm, maybe both.

3. "What are you doing down there, little guy? Taking a photo?" "Don't mock me goddammit!"

4. "Enough with thrashing around on the ground!" "But darling, I found a great angle."

5. My favorite 😍😁

6. "Can you guys all stfu? I am doing macro photography here!"

7. "Tripod? What's that? I prefer being self-sufficient."

8. Japanese tourists are dying because they haven't been able to take any photos for the last 10 minutes.

9. "Where did the she go? I was just about to take an under skirt picture!" "I am here, you lil perv!"

"Where did the woman go? I was just about to take an under skirt picture!"

10. "After spending all of my money on the camera, this was the only possible tripod alternative for me."

11. "How the f*ck could I have known that this is my ex's wedding? Regardless, I still have to make a living for myself."

12. One of the Japanese tourists that you come across in... pretty much every tourist location

13. Cristiano Ronaldo (for real)

14. His body has evolved to adapt to photography.

15. Ok, there has got to be something wrong with Japanese people.

16. "I forgot my zoom lens; just a sec-OUCH-AWW!"

(got hit in the head with the racket)

17. Parenting lvl 999: She is both taking a picture AND keeping her kid from running off.

18. It looks like he is trying his hand at photography in both senses.

19. "You don't have to move; just stay as you are. I will just curl up here and shoot a couple of photos."
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