Why You Really Shouldn't Put Your Phone In Your Pocket!


It's no secret that the cellphones we're addicted to spread radiation ALL THE TIME. We keep on carrying them in our pockets anyway... Maybe it's easier to avoid the warnings since we don't see the actual harm it's creating.

We have bad news, especially for men. Researchers advise men to find another way to carry their phones...

Research shows that keeping your cellphone in your pants pocket for too long decreases the sperm count.


Results from 21 different research studies conclude that cellphone radiation can also decrease the sperm quality.

This claim was debated in the science world for a long time and it led to different opinions.


Some scientists defended the theory that non-ionizing radiation doesn't affect the human body. However recently, Newcastle University in Australia proved the potential harms of cellphones to the human body with a years-long research study.

Most of the evidence shows that cellphone radiation decreases sperm mobility and longevity.


21 out of 27 studies confirm that cellphones carry this hazard. Some studies even show that the radiation can cause DNA damage.

1,492 sperm specimens were analyzed in the studies.


According to the final data, long time cellphone radiation around the genitals can cause an 8% decrease in sperm mobility and 9% decrease in sperm longevity.

Carrying cellphones in our pockets also threatens our future children.


Since the changes caused by the cellphone radiation can alter DNA and become hereditary.

Dr. Joel Moskowitz from the University of California hopes that this first step will trigger a healthy global approach in the future.


The World Health Organization declared cellphone radiation a 2B carcinogen in 2011. This notice was the first sign of negative effects of cellphones on our bodies. The latest research on sperm cells has revealed a different side of the story. There has not been enough research on cell phone radiation yet, but it looks like we will learn a lot more about it in the near future...

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