Which Villain Are You?


The good and the bad. We all have both of them inside us. However, in movies there are some brutal villains that couldn't manage to maintain a balance between the two sides. We were inspired by their pure evilness and prepared a quiz for you to find out who your inner villain is!

Pick your style!

Which picture defines your mood the best?

Which animal would you choose as a pet?

I had to leave the movie during the break because...

They asked us to leave since we didn't stop talking.
I have to take care of something urgent.
I already know how it's gonna end.
I didn't like the movie.
Because I wanted so.
My mom called me.
I thought it was over.
I need to do something more important.

Which life hack is more important to you?

Put some raw meat on a recent bruise.
Wash blood stains with cold water.
Use powdered sugar to remove any rust on your knives.
Rub your hands with baking soda to get rid of the smell of your cigarette.
If your child suffers from colic, try fennel tea.
Use baking soda to have whiter teeth.
Remove any lip stick stain with ether.
To remove any stain you put some alcohol on a cloth and wipe it.

Pick your favorite scene!

Your work space preference?

Your favorite tool/object?

Coat rack
Make up bag
Knife set

Where do you look when you're talking to someone?

I'll look around
Their mouth
I pretend as if they are hollow.
Their eyes
Their lips
Their hair
Their face
Their legs

You couldn't sleep last night. You got up and...

Had some snacks
Went out and had a smoke
I never left the bed
Went outside
Browsed the internet
Read a book
Took a shower
Watched TV

You've got a "Joker" inside you!

You're bad and you enjoy planning. You plan your actions for the future to get better outcomes. You sometimes hear your calling from the goodness inside you, however, you never let it win you. You need someone really persuasive to bring out the goodness in you.

You've got a "Tony Montana" inside you!

You are one tough villain, even brutal for some. You don't hesitate to hurt others. You were born evil, and nothing can stop you. If you hurt someone, they probably deserved it. Your evilness is caused by other people. If they stop doing wrong to you, you won't hurt them. I mean, why should you?

You've got a "Norman Bates" inside you!

We are sorry tell you this, but you are sick! You hurt people just because you're bored. You do bad things to people for only your own good. You're one selfish villain. You have to be like that in the world we live in. It's necessary for you to survive.

You've got a "Kayser Soze" inside you!

You are a merciless villain. If something needs to be done, you do it without thinking of its consequences. You might hurt some people in this process, but you just don't care. You also know how to hide your evilness.

You've got a "Lex Luthor" inside you!

You take down your enemies with your strategies. You systematically make plans all the time. However, you are not completely evil. If you acquire what you want, you stop doing bad things. We can also say that you are one charismatic villain.

You've got "The Bad" inside you!

Your evilness is ignorant. You do the cheapest tricks to hurt people. Even the jokes you tell are to hurt other people's feelings. You do evil things in all parts of your life. You don't realize how much you hurt other people. Our advice: slow down a little!

You've got a "Norman Stansfield" inside you!

Nothing can stop you from being evil until you get what you want. You enjoy having people around when you are doing bad things. However, you always want to take all the credit for being the worst. That's why no one wants to be your partner in crime.

You've got "Anton Chigurh" inside you!

People literally change their ways when they come across you on the street. No one ever dares to bother you. You forgot the meaning of being decent. You do bad things, even if it is not necessary to be like that. You should try changing your ways. We are sure that there is something good in you.

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