Too Hot To Be Real! Meet World's Youngest Male Billonaire: Gustav Magnar Witzøe

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Gustav Witzøe was named as the youngest male billionaire in the world by Forbes.

Norwegian model (25) has inherited his father's business.

He owns fishing farm Salmar ASA which is the largest salmon farm around the world.

Witzøe who is signed to one of the leading agencies in Norway previously said that he is not ready to take over his family business.

''You can't just demand to be the boss of such a big organisation.'' said Gustav Witzøe, showing his grounded side. ''You have to be suited to it. If there are alternatives, the best man or woman must get the job. There is so much at stake — values, jobs, crucial factors.''

Witzoe, who is still in charge of the company has reportedly said, ''There are pluses and minuses. It can affect you in many ways, good and bad. It could affect relationship with friends.''

Together with pictures of his travels, Gustav has also share his plush forms of transport, which include a Porsche, a private plane and a boat and snaps of his dog.

He frequently travels around the world including USA, UK, France and Dubai.

Even though his extravagant living style Gustav appears to be single, having lastly posted a photograph with a lady named Vera Ekken in last Christmas.

Gustav is seen posing in Dubai with the best views of the luxury hotels only the rich and famous can afford.

''They [my parents] believe they should have taken more time to think it over. That's due probably to my being shoved out into the public limelight. It was very strange at first. It makes you a bit nervous about what people think.''

Gustav is clearly a fan of Gucci and other designer clothes, showing off his poses on Instagram as he models designer wear.

According to Business Insider, Gustav's father previously addressed the 'long discussions' his family had about putting then 19-year-old Gustav in charge of his shares.

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