This Guy Cancelled His Trip At The Last Minute And His Friends Sure Made Him Regret With A Back-Up!


You've made vacation plans with a group of friends one of them cancels at the last moment. Everything was paid, even plane tickets! What would you do? This crew we came across on BoredPanda found the greatest solution for this situation using social media! The decision was profitable for both parties!


Joe McGrath was supposed to go to Mallorca with 9 other friends to celebrate his pal’s 30th birthday but he canceled at the last minute.

Since his ticket was already booked in his name, his friend’s did something pretty clever so the money wouldn’t go to waste.

They found a random guy on Facebook with the same name and invited him to join them for a completely free all-inclusive trip!

Joe didn't know any of them before they went on vacation, but after he got back, he became pals with almost every one of them.

Here’s what his invite looked like:

After a bit of hesitation, the other Joe McGrath eventually agreed to join them

Joe made the right decision. He had both a free vacation and made brand new friends.

“I couldn’t not go. It will never happen to me again! They were all so nice! I’ve not slept in four days,” Joe said

“Made my year!! I’ve got myself new best mates. It was mega!”

What can we say? That's a pretty cool crew.🤗

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