This Couple Is A Walking Proof That You Should Really Check The Surroundings Before Posting A Pic To The Internet!


Ever got the feeling that humanity is just sharing way too much information about their private lives? You’re not alone. Especially on Facebook, we hear often someone posting something accidentally and regretting it badly afterwards. And that’s exactly what happened to miranda Levy.

Miranda Levy is a newly-engaged woman who wanted to share the good news with friends, with this Facebook post.

But something went wrong...

She didn't realize it, but others did.

Sooo, what's that in the corner? Did Miranda forget to crop it?

Their private life shouldn't be a joke, of course, but Miranda posted the pic and the rest just followed...

Poor Miranda would’ve most likely wanted to break such news on her own terms...

But she was past the point of no return after the unintended mishap...

Her family noticed the thing in the corner too.

At first, Miranda had no clue what everyone had been talking about.

And then she checked the photo...


Well, we’re happy for this couple and the milestones they’re achieving

But we hope this will also go down as an important lesson – check the backgrounds of your photos every time!

Source: Bored Panda

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