These Objects Communicate With Their Faces Better Than You With Words!


Humans are very good at finding patterns. This is a big part of our evolution and survival. So, sometimes we can see things that are actually not there and in this case, it is very hilarious!

The perfect angle, plus our great minds that look for patterns leave us with these hilarious objects with 'faces.'

1. "So we are going out or not?"

2. "Dat ass!"

3. "You are driving too insane, you are gonna kill both of us, psycho!"

4. "You aren't gonna drink me, are you?"

5. 😳

6. "I am so sick of this sh*t!"

7. "It is AWESOME to be a toothbrush holder!"

8. "It wasn't me, I swear."

9. "Ehe!"

10. 😛

11. "7x8? Wait, I almost got it!"

12. Evil twins! 😱

13. That sad face... We feel you bro, nobody likes being at work.

14. "I am sick of being sat on! 😞"

15. "Please please please don't turn me on."

16. "I am so f*cking happy!"

17. Cookie Monster is real.

18. This roof is high, both metaphorically and literally. :)

19. "We are sticking together, no matter what and where!"

20. "BOO!" 👻

21. "I just... can't anymore."

22. Undercover onion in the Angry Birds gang.

23. "Which cable am I supposed to cut now?"

24. "Noooo way!"

25. "I am stuck here. Anybody? HELP?"

26. "I have actually always wanted to be a strawberry. The world is so cruel."

27. "BRR"

28. "Screw you guys, I am going home."

29. "Road trip?" 😍

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