The Winners Of The 2016 National Geographic Nature Photographer Of The Year!


The long waited National Geographic Nature Photographer Of The Year 2016 Winners are here! Categories vary from Environmental Issues, Landscape Photography and Animal Portraits. Each of these striking photographs prove us for a fact that nature's mysteries are infinite!

If you're interested, feel free to check out the full list of 2016 Finalists here!


17. Honorable Mention, Environmental Issues: American Flowers #1, Greenland

16. Honorable Mention, Environmental Issues: Wildfire At The Beach, Spain

15. Second Place Winner, Animal Portraits: Proud Momma, Florida

14. Second Place Winner, Landscape: Wild Rink, Italy

13. First Place Winner, Environmental Issues: Life and Death, Svalbard and Jan Mayen

12. Honorable Mention, Animal Portraits: Chow Chasing Puffy Owl

11. Third Place Winner, Animal Portraits: Frienship Knows No Color, Spain

10. Honorable Mention, Action: Jellyfish Feast, New South Wales, Australia

9. Third Place Winner, Action: Changing Fortunes of The Great Egret, Hungary

8. Second Place Winner, Action: Approach, Wray, Colorado

7. First Place Winner, Animal Portraits: Dragging You Deep Into the Woods!

6. Grand Prize Winner: Sardine Run, South Africa

5. Honorable Mention, Animal Portraits: Puffin Studio, United Kingdom

4. First Place Winner, Landscape: Struggle of Life, Netherlands

3. Honorable Mention, Landscape: Serendipitous Green Meteor, India

2. Third Place Winner, Landscape: Pacific Storm, Pacific Ocean

1. Honorable Mention, Environmental Issues: No Snow, No Ice? Barter Islands

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