The Runaway Robot Showing The Rise Of A.I.


Dear friends, that day that we always see in sci-fi movies has come. The end is drawing closer!

As we all know, robotics and artificial intelligence technologies have developed and we are very close to creating a smart entity.

Although we are sometimes unnecessarily mean to them and pity them, it is not the time to be emotional!

I can almost hear you ask "Why shouldn't we pity them?" and here is why:

This robot's name is "Promobot"

It was produced in Russia, and it can answer questions and give directions.

The company that made Promobot found out after the research that they conducted that in work life, humans won't be needed anymore after some time.

They concluded that the human brain is programmed to earn money, and the robots don't care about it. Humans have to rest, robots don't, robots don't get sick, robots don't need uniforms, etc. (They are actually right, but it doesn't matter now. 😁)

And after some time, this company was shot with its own weapon!

This sneaky guy, Promobot, escaped through the door that was left open. Yes, you haven't read it wrong: it RAN AWAY!

After wandering on the streets of Russia, Promobot just stopped in the middle of the road when its battery died.

People, after recovering from the first shock, called the police. And while the police were trying to recover from their shock, the employees of the company came and picked up Promobot.

According to the company, the robot was programmed to wander around by itself.

The video of the incident:

It is very well possible that the 'incident' was actually a PR stunt, but it is still damn scary!

Dear friends and fellows,

This thing that we created ourselves will destroy us one day. We first gave them intelligence, and then took them under our control. However, the day will come when they will be smarter than us and will want to break their chains. Let's unite before that day!

Joking aside, Stephen Hawking is scared of artificial intelligence:

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