The Real Reason Behind All GoT Murders Has Been Found!


The conversation about our lovely TV series Games of Thrones will never end.

CAUTION!! Spoiler alert!

1. The reason for the rumors this time is King Robert Baratheon from the first season.

According to this rumor, King Robert cast a curse that was spread to the Stark family and a couple of its members in the first episode.

2. Let’s flashback to the first episode. If you remember, King Robert visited Winterfell to offer Ned Stark the chance to be the hand of the king.

And he offered his interest to Stark's family when they were welcoming him, but how did his curse spread?

3. Here’s how: Every single member of the Stark family died after King Robert touched them. Let’s study them one by one.

4. First, he gives a hug to Ned Stark.

5. You know the rest.

Click to see.

6. Then he gives a warm hug to Catelyn.

7. Again, you know the rest.

Click to see.

8. Then he pets little Rickon’s head.

9. You know the rest again.

Click to see.

10. Shaking hands with Robb..

11. 😑

Click to see.

12. So he literally killed everyone he touched, including himself.

13. His curse even gets transmitted by the air. Let’s see the ones he didn’t touch, but still knocked out.

14. He says “hmmm...beautiful girl” to Sansa.

15. Then, we all know what Sansa suffered from. Everyone either tortures her or hurts her soul in some way.

16. "What is your name?” he asked Arya.

17. Then Arya questioned her identity for almost 3 seasons.

“This girl is no one.”

18. And finally, he makes Bran show his muscles and say, "You will be a warrior.”

19. 😤

He was left crippled, man!

20. You jerk..

21. At least you didn’t have any physical contact with Jon.


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