The Money You Can Make If You Sell Your Organs Will Surprise You!


No, our bodies aren't meant to be bought and sold, of course ... But we wondered about the price of the organs and the energy in the human body and here we are with the results. Here are the prices of the parts of our priceless bodies:

When our cornea is used as a sample or a transplant, it's worth about $20,000.

Our lungs are a bit more expensive. The average value of lungs for transplant is about $275,000.

The value of the kidneys, the most prominent of the organs sold, is about $140,000, according to the same evaluation.

Of course, it is impossible for you to sell your entire skeleton when you're alive; But the estimated value of your skeleton is $7,000.

Our heart, which gives life to us and is a source of life, is a little more expensive in accordance with this important task: $ 600,000.

The value of our precious liver is $140,000.

The blood that is the carrier of our lives is also very valuable. The calculations showed that half a liter of blood was worth $300.

The price of our skin, which is our most important protector, is $7.50 per 6 square centimeters.

Of course, the body parts are not sold only for sample or transplants. The body parts that are sold for events like "Body Worlds" and similar exhibitions are:

The price of a part of the human head to be exhibited is $ 1,500.

The price of a longitudinal section taken from the body is $15,000.

The cost of the lungs, which are taken for the exhibition and belonged to a smoker, is $3,600.

The money that Body Worlds gives for a hand is $185.

Now, let's calculate the value of the metals in our body ...

A man weighing 154 lbs has 0.2 milligrams of gold in his body. The selling price of gold in this amount is $0.0083.

Our bodies also contain 1.75 milligrams of platinum. The platinum value in this amount is $0.0000055.

Another metal in our body is copper and the average amount in our body is 0.00003795 milligrams. The value of copper in this amount is $0.0000027.

Now, let's talk about the energy we have in our body ...

The electricity generated by our bodies is powerful enough to operate a 100 watt bulb for 24 hours. This corresponds to an electricity consumption of $155 when calculated on a yearly basis.

The average number of steps an average person takes in a day is 3,500, and the distance traveled is 1 mile. This corresponds to about 379 miles per year. If you go this distance by car, the fuel cost is $64.

Finally let's talk about our brain.

Our brains are thought to be capable of storing up to 100 terabytes of information. This is 25 times more than modern hard drives that store 4 terabytes of information. The value of the information that our brains can store with this calculation is $3,124.

You can love your body more now. Because it is the most perfect and most valuable machine... 😍

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