Wise Words From 16 Famous People On How To Succeed In Life
We’ve all heard how different real life is than it was at school. New-graduates tend to be disappointed in their first jobs and have a hard time getting used to life outside of a college campus. In this list, you’ll find very useful tips and inspiring stories from very successful people who’ve been through what we all struggled with at first. Most of them are far from all those clichés you’ve been told about life, and in particular: failure. They don’t even hesitate to speak up about their mistakes, which made them all modest and conscious about how they succeeded in life. So here are some excellent remarks from 16 of the best commencement speeches ever given...
20 Generous Companies With Incredible Employee Perks
Companies like Airbnb and Facebook are offering unique and surprising perks like travel stipends and 'Baby Cash,' according to Glassdoor's new list of the 'Top 20 Employee Benefits and Perks.' Businessinsider listed 20 of the most incredible perks companies are offering right now.
15 Problems Of Unemployed People
Midterms and finals are tough, but real life begins after graduation. The first step of this hardship is to find a job. Everyone who needs to earn his/her own life needs to find a job. The process of looking for jobs is sometimes long, sometimes very short, and usually something that creates problems.Here are the 15 of those problems for those who’re having a hard time finding a suitable job.
19 Depressing Problems We All Face In This Modern Age!
We know some things are messed up about this world, but we just can't figure out what they exactly are. Either we are easily offended by EVERYTHING, or we're actually becoming aware of certain things. Our lives are torn between trying to figure out the relationship between these two. So now, we give you 19 problems about the modern age that eat us alive slowly...
20 Consequences Of Being The Only Man At The Office
Have you ever imagined what it would be like if you were to work at an office full of women? You have haven't you? But let me tell you this...It's probably way more different from what you have on your mind. Take a look and find out!