Not Happy With The Answers You Get? Let's Start Asking The Right Questions!
Asking questions is one of the dynamics that allows our mind to systematically think in a certain algorithmic order and to express ourselves. Whether we are aware or not, the logic of thinking with questions is very useful for us when expressing ourselves to the other side. Being able to ask as strong a question as possible is one of the most critical skills of effective communication. If the answers to the questions you ask don't satisfy you, perhaps you have not asked the right question!
Leonardo Da Vinci's Life Changing Job Application Letter Written 532 Years Ago
You probably had those job interviews where you felt like you were good enough for the job, better yet, you knew you were good enough but somehow didn't get a respond, right?I think there have been occasions when it was almost impossible for you to get the job after the answers you gave to the trick questions or a few minor mistakes you made while talking about yourself.How did Leonardo da Vinci, perhaps one of the most important inventors of human history, express himself when he wrote a job application?How did he persuade the employer that he was the best person to do the job and he would do whatever it takes to do it?What kind of sentences did he use? According to his job application letter, which was published on, he was pretty persuasive.
Here’s How The World’s Most Successful Business Leaders Start Their Day!
While most of us struggle to even keep our day jobs, successful leaders own and run several companies while looking fresh, healthy, and happy at the same time. If you wonder what their secrets are prepared this list for you! Here is how the world’s most successful people start their day.
21 Hilarious Real-Life Events You Won't Believe Happened In A Plane!
Most of us are already familiar with the baby who cries during the whole flight, ending up sitting someone with panic attacks, or the elderly people who just won't stop talking to us. So far, so normal. However, the stories we have compiled from BoredPanda for you in this post are more unusual and extremely funny. Do you have a funny in-flight experience that you think can compete with these?
5 Sci-fi Films All Sales And Marketing People Must Watch!
We explore the social influences of our inventions as we progress through the life cycle. While the line between tomorrow and today becomes obsolete, science fiction also gains new contexts. For example, if today's society is better described as 1984 or Brave New World, we can discuss it now. When we want to make the concept of Increased Reality understandable, we refer to the Matrix.Technology will undoubtedly affect your future marketing strategies very seriously. In this sense, we have assembled the science fiction that will help us understand where we are headed.
How To Be More Productive By Using The “Eisenhower Matrix”
One of biggest problems of modern society is time management. What’s worse is that most of us do whatever we have to do with a deadline-induced panic, anxiety, and stress. The result? Incomplete tasks, canceled plans, and more stress. There are, however, several methods of time management, and here’s one of them: the Eisenhower Matrix.
The Amazing Couple Who Built A Glass Dome Eco House In The Arctic Circle!
Ingrid and Benjamin Hjertefolger, who got sick of modern city life and started dreaming of another kind of life, have made their dreams come true! Their house is not only so special and architecturally prominent, but it is also completely insulated against cold. The couple grows vegetables and fruits in the area in between.Ingrid and Benjamin, who home-school their children, make their living by offering accommodation to the tourists visiting the area as well as yoga classes!
20 Companies With Incredible Employee Perks!
We spend most of our time at work, so it’s important how happy we are there. According to career site Glassdoor, more than half of all workers say that perks and benefits are among the top things they consider when deciding whether to accept a job, and almost 80% of employees say that they would prefer new benefits, like health insurance or paid time off, over a pay raise.So here are 20 companies that know how to make their employees happy.
17 Clever Logo Designs That Speak For Themselves!
Designers never fail to amaze us! Just when you think you can no longer be surprised by anything in this world, they show you something brilliant and beautiful and restore your faith in creativity. Here are 17 clever and minimalistic logos that require no words to describe.
The Psychological Phenomenon Brands Use To Manipulate Us: Transactional Analysis
Have you ever paid attention how the commercials talk to us? For example a bank, and how they call out to us, or how the features of a car are told to us? The whole idea of ads is that they call out to us, and we reply.Brands sometimes give us advice, just like a dad would do with his children; they sometimes share their feelings with us, to which we sometimes listen and the communication is retained. And sometimes we just get frustrated and cease contact with a certain brand. That's the exact point where 'transactional analysis' comes into play. 👊
15 Foods That Will Make You Sleep Like a Baby
Most people complain about insomnia nowadays. Daily problems like anger and stress have the possibility of messing up our sleep cycle. Our suggestion is to consume these nutrients 1.5 hours before bed so they can help you sleep better.  If you are having real sleeping problems that can not be solved with nutritional supplements, you should probably see a doctor. Note: You should seek medical advice before changing your diet if you have any chronic condition or are pregnant.
24 High-Paying Jobs That Offer Low(er) Stress
Nobody likes to feel stressed. It is an unpleasant experience, and most job seekers would love to find a career that minimizes the amount of time spent in high-stress situations.With this in mind, TIME Magazine listed 24  jobs with that perfect combination of high pay and low stress, comparing average salaries and stress levels of the 767 occupations, as identified by the U.S. Department of Labor.The “stress tolerance” for each job is a rating on a scale from 0 to 100, where a lower rating signals less stress. It measures how frequently workers must accept criticism and deal effectively with high stress on the job. Check out the full list for the jobs that offer average salaries (all over $70K!) with a stress tolerance rating of 70 or lower —and start dreaming of your next career shift today.
Inspiring Story Of The Europe's Richest Man And Creator Of Zara Empire: Amancio Ortega
This is the story of a man who became one of the world's richest people from being a railroad worker's son. He is mostly known as the owner of the 'Zara' brand, however, Amancio Ortega owns a chain of stores including Massimo Dutti, Pull & Bear, Bershka, Oysho, and many more brands. He's a true self-made billionaire. With his $64.5 billion of fortune, he is the world's 4th richest person. So how did that happen?We brought this inspiring story together for you.
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