The Hottest Latino William Levy Is Here To Star In Your Dreams!


Many of us recognize him from the Jennifer Lopez’s music video. Some wish they never knew his existence, some wish they knew him before. Because he has an incredible energy. He’s damn sexy, you might feel dizzy if you see him in real life. Check our gallery if you don’t believe us.

We all recognize him with Jennifer Lopez’s “I’m Into You” music video. .

The video included very intimate scenes. So much that people couldn’t believe they were just castmates. And I guess we were right.

Because JLo and Marc Anthony got divorced after this video clip.

And 5 months later, William and his wife divorce. WHAT A COINCIDENCE! WONDERING WHY??

It never became official but it seems like they had a crazy love after this music video.

Looking at this image for more than 5 minutes can make you fall in love with him easily.

I mean, look at that smile..

This hot male was born in August 29, 1980 and has 2 lovely kids.

He’s considered the Cuban version of Brad Pit, but he’s definitely -way- sexier than him.

Dressed or naked, he’s always right. Doesn’t matter what the subject is.

There are 3 people in this photo but guess who got the most attention? I would think twice before taking a pic with him.

No one can be this perfect when they just wake up. I mean, come on.

Stop looking at me like that. #TheThirstIsReal

Sometimes you just want to be a fish.. Even a dead one..

He’s careful about diet also. Of course he is.

Do you really think it’s fair to be this hot? No man, no.

It’s not healthy for a woman to be in a relationship with this hottie.

You would need to lock him in the house so no one else can see this beauty.

Goodbye William...

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