The Cliche Sentences That Make Teachers Want To Kill Themselves

> The Cliche Sentences That Make Teachers Want To Kill Themselves

Being a teacher is difficult. You have many students, each of whom need something else, learn in a different way, go through all different things, have a different personalities, backgrounds, talents and what not.

Keeping so many different people under control, interested and still being able to teach them something requires great patience and some serious skills; not to mention the teenagers. Even parents themselves can't handle a teenager, but teachers have to be trapped in a room with a lot of them.

Here are some sentences teachers hear all the time from their students. Be honest, you have said some of these, too. 

Don't kill yourselves, dear teachers, we need you! 😁😁

1. "How will we use all this knowledge in real life?"

2. "Can we start from any question?"

- The test is multiple choice.

- OK, but can I still start with any question?

- ....

3. "Half of the class is missing. Is it OK if we don't have a lecture today?"

4. "Will this be in the exam?"

'Yes. The question number 3 will be all about this. Shall I also give you the answers?'

5. "Can we leave once we finish the exam?"

6. "Nancy is crying, can I take her to the bathroom?"

'Of course, the girl whose name I haven't been able to learn and know as only Nancy's sucker.'

7. "I was expecting 100 out of 100 points from the exam but I got 98. Can I see my exam?"

'Tough life, dear.'

8. "We have the physical education class right before yours. Is it OK if we don't change and come to your class in sweat pants?"

'You can also come naked, be my guest.'

9. "The weather is so nice, can we have class outside?"

'Let's go to your parent's house if it will make you feel even more comfortable.'

10. "We have an exam in the next hour, can we please study for that instead?"

11. "Have you graded the exams?"

'We had the test literally an hour ago. Do you seriously expect me to go through all of them in the recess?'

12. "How about the homework? Are we gonna go through it?"

'I remember, smarty pants. Hey everyone, you can kick his ass after I'm gone.'

13. "We already have another exam scheduled for that day, can we have yours at another time, please?"

'When would you be available Miss? Would you like me to come to your house and administer your exam there?'

14. "Can we assume that Pi is 3?"

'No, you assume that it is 5. But only you, OK?'

15. "Class is over in 5 minutes. Can we leave now?"

16. "Are you also grading the steps of the solution?"

'The test is fucking multiple choice!'