"That Coat" Everybody Obsessively Started To Wear In London All Of A Sudden!


From time to time, a distinct style becomes popular and we start to see the same items on everybody. Some call this fashion, some find it annoying. We have a new craze with the new season, but it's like no other... Ladies and gentlemen, we present "that coat"...

This coat belongs to Zara's new season.


The classic and elegant looking coat is dark blue and white.


I can hear you say it's just a normal jacket, why do you have me reading this! But...

This is like the most popular coat in history!


Even if you wander for a couple of minutes on the streets of London, you will likely see two or three people wearing this coat.


Weird right?


Of course it's normal to see a popular brand this common, but this coat is a way bigger deal.


It's not a classic black coat. It has a distinctive style that makes it more interesting.

Blogger Alica Frances was the first person to notice this craze.


Alica saw this coat on a random woman and told her friend "She's wearing my coat." Her friend responded "Which coat?" and then she pointed out the coat saying "That coat."


After #thatcoat turned into a popular hashtag, people started taking pictures of women who wear the coat.


The coat even has an Instagram account.

That Coat (@thatcoat) • Instagram photos and videos

But why do all these women wear the same coat?

Of course there isn't a legitimate explanation for that...

But we have some assumptions...


This coat is a similar version of Chanel's tweed coat.


And it's very suitable for classic English style.

The elegant and serious looking style looks good on women of every age.

The important factor is that it suits both classic...

...and sporty styles.

The topic is still very shady, regarding the amount of women wearing the coat...

Makes people think that there is a secret cult. 😅

And it gets on your nerves after a while...

Hopefully this trend doesn't travel overseas...

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