Somebody Gotta Explain These WTF Photos Immediately


I don't get it. I just don't.

1. That's plain weird and creepy

2. What kind of training is that?

3. That's not how you milk bath.

4. Why ..? Who did...? Nevermind...

5. Eating pineapple in class? With its shell?

6. It's probably a circus act

7. I just don't want to learn what's going on here.

8. The idea behind this one? Anybody?

9. Is that..? Yep, that's a hospital bed.

10. Ok, why not but also why?

11. It makes your internet faster.

12. This is how young learn the anarchy.

13. That sweet scent of sweat.

14. Wrong place at a wrong time.

15. Nutella man? Is that you?

16. Nope.

17. That's definitely not your regular everyday pizza.

18. It sprays 5 minutes after your press.

Dude.. Don't ever lose the spirit.

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