Single Child Diaries: 21 Things Every Single Child Could Easily Relate!

> Single Child Diaries: 21 Things Every Single Child Could Easily Relate!

Being an only child has its own advantages and disadvantages. Growing up with a sense of uniqueness, accompanied by loneliness can have problematic results. Each individual and their experiences differ, but here are some commonalities between only children.

1. You don’t have to share your toys or clothes, and most importantly, your parents’ love.

Yes champion. It's all for you.

2. You have to deal with all of the prejudices.

Because you are arrogant, whiny and selfish.

3. You don’t have anyone to help you sneak out of your house at night.

Instead, you have to be a ninja.

4. You will never be an uncle or an aunt.

Well, sometimes it might not be that bad.

5. You have to deal with overwhelming interest and attention of your family.

This might lead to selfishness, but don’t worry. It also makes you resilient.

6. You care about your privacy too much.

Since you have your own space at home, you are embarrassed when trying to change clothes in the locker room at the gym.

7. You don’t have anyone else to blame when you mess things up.

There are no other suspects, right?

8. You feel more alone the older you get.

You have to face life, including all of its losses, alone.

9. You have everything on your shoulders.

Someone has to go shopping?  Is the phone ringing?  Someone’s at the door?  Does your mom need help with cleaning?

Guess who’s the only one available to help?

10. You are a total noob at competing.

Things were easy when you were getting the biggest piece of the cake. Not anymore.

11. Your friends are like your non-existent brothers and sisters.

Cruel fact: They might not see you the same way.

12. You are the only one your parents can put their dreams and hopes on.

Failure is not an option.

13. You mature quickly.

Because you are the only one who can keep the relationship between your mom and dad balanced, you have to listen to their individual problems separately, and try to avoid taking sides. This forces you to grow up early and be responsible.

14. You don't have the luxury of deserting your family or making them sad.

You will carry their responsibility all the time. You are their burden and they are yours. There is no escape.

15. You will grow up without feeling these:

...sharing, competing, being jealous of your little sibling or protected by the big one.

16. You don't have someone to protect you in a fight.

'Dude my brother is a kung fu master'. Admit it, you always wanted to use this one.

17. You don't have someone to help you with your classes.

You also have to go to school and come home alone.

18. You have a powerful imagination.

You always played with your toys by yourself.  When you needed company, you had your imagination.

19. You didn’t have to wear hand-me-downs.

…but you also can’t steal their good clothes.

20. Your parents will always see you as a child.

Do whatever you can. You are still their one and only little baby.

Research shows that only children have more social skills.

The reason is obvious:

Your siblings are always there for you. You have a connection of blood. Even after the most cruel or annoying arguments you will not lose them. 

When it comes to friends, there is a price for that. They can leave you. Suddenly you can get all alone. You have to act keen.

Same research shows that children treating their siblings in a bad way are acting more kindly against their friends.