"Shut Up And Take My Money": A Pillow In The Shape Of A Butt Has Created!


It's the greatest invention of all time as customer says: You can now buy a pillow in the shape of butt!

A company has started to sell a bum-shaped pillow!

It gives a chance you to enjoy ultimate comfort every night without partner!

The buttress pillow was created from a Kickstarter campaign but it is available to order online now.

Also it comes in three different colours: blue, black and grey.

It is made from 100 per cent natural materials and it is extremely healthy!

"Soft but supportive with a feeling like butts," reads the product description.

Customers told that it is the greatest invention in the last 100 years!

One commented:  "Hands down - this is without question the most comfortable pillow that I've ever owned."

"It has extraordinary head and neck support, and I fall asleep easily when my head is nestled in it." another added.

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