Robot? Human? Why Daft Punk Is STILL The Coolest Even After 20 Years!


Are they real? Are they robots? Or are they human? Whatever you call 'em, they are probably two of the coolest and most popular artists in the entire universe. Oh wait, it gets even better! As of tomorrow, 20 January 2017, Daft Punk turns 20! 

The duo's debut album Homework was released 20 years ago on this day. Since then, they've produced so many classics, almost everyone "around the world" knows their tunes. 

Let's see how they've kept their cool over the years...

France's source of pride...

Guy Manuel de Homem Cristo (On the left) and Thomas Bangalter (On the right) are the men behind those masks.

Masters of anonymity!

You won't find their faces with freshly dated photos. After they got famous, they decided to cover their faces and went full robot mode.

The most recent shot

This is one of the most recent shots of them, taken a few years ago. Still, many Daft Punk fans around the world have a hard time picturing what they look like!

Cool at a whole new level!

By keeping themselves in the shadows and using these super futuristic and cool masks, the duo focused on doing what they did best: Electronic music. 

Not so long after came the big hits Technologic, One More Time, Around the World, and Robot Rock.

Old school! Now and forever!

Unlike the modern DJs of our time, Daft Punk always believed in old school electronic music devices. Even when they were performing at the Grammy's a few years ago, they used a room-sized set of equipment instead of "pressing play."

Underrated talent

While Bangalter focused more on guitar and piano, Guy is better with playing the drums. 

Regardless of all their successful releases and talent, Daft Punk actually never got so many awards and such before their latest album, Random Access Memories. 

Unmatched live shows!

Even though this stage is 10 years old, it still looks amazing; let alone the live mixes they nailed during their Alive 2007 world tour. It's really no surprise how they just focused on doing music and it worked out.

Their own words on keeping themselves "hidden."

"We're trying to separate the private side and the public side. It's just that we're a little bit embarrassed by the whole thing. We don't want to play this star system thing. 

We don't want to get recognized in the streets. Yes. Everyone has accepted us using masks in photos so far, which makes us happy. Maybe sometimes people are a little bit disappointed, but that's the only way we want to do it."

Top 1% of the 1%

The 2014 Grammy Awards were dominated by Daft Punk, and people believe they finally received the fame and awards they deserved after all those years. 

Get Lucky, featuring Pharrell and Nile Rogers, received numerous awards all over the world and topped the charts for so many weeks!

But mystery remained still...

So did their hype! Even the way they revealed the latest album was a marketing masterpiece on its own. Out of the blue, posters, websites and a surprise teaser at Coachella kept fans on their toes!

2016 and The Weeknd

Daft Punk's worldwide tour Alive happened in both 1997 and 2007. As we approached 2017, everyone was anxious, and there were already a lot of fake stories all over the internet. 

People kept wondering what they were up to, until The Weeknd's album showed up! The collaboration with him totally brought them back on the stage and all systems were checked for the Alive 2017 comeback!

And here we are!

The latest rumour for the Alive 2017 tour was this anonymous video on YouTube. It was first uploaded with so many major cities' co-ordinates. Even though we already had the Lollapallooza, Reddit, Alive2017 website stories, we still want to believe! 

Please let this be real...

Happy 20th on your first album, Daft Punk! 🤖

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