Prepare To Have Your Mind Blown: GTA V Physics In A Nutshell!


GTA V is still popular on every platform and people are spending lots of time on it. What impresses us the most is the out of this world physics of the game. Some veteran players do such tricks that blow our minds in brief seconds. Here are 27 examples of GTA physics to get you all started.


1. Hmm now let’s wait for my helicopter to arrive.

2. No biggie, just checking everything is going smoothly on the construction site.

3. Come on, you can do it, you can do it! THERE WE GO!

4. Glad I brought my parachute with me. That plan went right through that cargo plane.


6. Taking my BMX skills to the very next level.

7. Keep going I’m all ready to leave.

8. It’s ok you can keep going, I’ll let myself out here…

9. Damnit, I guess this was the wrong ramp. This doesn’t feel like my garden.

10. Living on the edge…

11. Having trouble finding a suitable parking spot. Say no more!

12. Putting myself on display, GTA style.

13. It’s good I added this emergency eject button to my bike.

14. Oh the times we live in…

15. Next stop, Lunatic Avenue.

16. Excuse me, sorry sorry. I can’t bloody see where I’m going because of my tusks.

17. This is where I park my million dollar car.

18. Nice drif…Wait what the hell?

19. When police are right on your back!

20. I’m out, give me a new clip…

21. Because why not?

22. No one ever tamed that wild fire truck yet.

23. Your father jumped right in front of a train my dear boy. Yeah, he was dumb as fuck.

24. Move, move! I’m late for my race.

25. We are now expecting the scores from the jury, and yes…All nines. Since the landing was a bit bad.

26. It’s much better like this. Feeling that summer breeze.

27. How do you stop this god damn bike?!

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