People Started To Google "Florida Man" With Their Birthdays And The Results Are Hilarious AF

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Are you wondering what will happen if you google "Florida Man" plus your birthday? Give it a try. Here are 21 hilarious results from people who done this.


Somebody challenged people on twitter to google "Florida Man" with their birthdays and the outcome is both amazing and very entertaining.

1. What did the think? How did he fit a microwave inside a microwave?

2. Didn't you learn anything?

3. Ummmm....?

4. Relax, we believe you!

5. Who could blame him?

6. I'll never trust people anymore.

7. Is that against law?

8. How did that end up in a golf course?

9. One KEG, I assume.

10. Nobody likes a co-worker but....

11. There's a lot of crazy things happening among Florida Men.

12. John Legend you too?

13. Thank God it's old now.

14. Aww. Look at his face. This is the ONE normal Florida Man I guess.

15. Hell of a social experiment.

16. Poor manatee, how did you get into this mess?

17. Nobody respects nudity anymore!

18. Check again if it's an iguana.

19. Pizza is a serious thing, okay!

20. I told you, pizza is a serious thing!

21. No comments on this one...

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