People Revealed The Weirdest Things Their Cats Do And You Can’t Stop Laughing At!


Cats can be the craziest creatures that have ever existed in the history of animals!

A Twitter account called @Poorlydrawncats invited everyone to post pictures and videos of their own cats doing weird things!

It got really funny!

1. Don't worry, this cat takes control.

2. This cat has some doggo-like tendencies.

3. This cat just love the bathtub.

4. And this cat too!

5. This cat has never seen anything more beautiful before.

6. This cat defying gravity.

7. A piece of string stood no chance against this cat!

8. Sleeping beauty.

9. This cat has some suspicious behavior...

10. Nacho, the ninja cat.

11. You can imagine him sitting with a cigar and a drink.

12. This cat is a strange sleeper.

13. The next Mozart.

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