Natural Selection At Its Best! 17 Quite Possibly The Last Photos Of Dumb People!

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I wanna be naturally selected on my way to the grocery store...Said some of these people here on this list. Nature does a perfectly fine job separating the weak from the strong.

1. "I cannot make sacrifices for my chicness, even when I'm cleaning up!"

2. "Hey man, they kept say that you're crazy, but they're right man!" "No, it's not madness, I'm tired of this life dude!" "What the heck??"

3. "Oh darling, ask your gynecologist if it's too late for an abortion."

4. "Dude, wet your hand and then try to open the door. I'll take another one with your hands inside." "Brillant idea, man!"

5. "At least you're not cutting the branch you're sitting on man!"

6. "Look mate, you've calculated the wind deflection, haven't you?" (final words)

7. "Oh, bro, don't tilt toward the left, my slippers are melting, not that I'm afraid of dying, bro."

8. "Now I'm gonna run through the wall with this, if I'm not dead I won't monkey around with it, promise!"

9. I like fried nuts man, hehe!

10. The psycho guest raised cain at the wedding: Psycho is heavily wounded.

11. Imagine that the drill wouldn't bore the hole at first, and it would slide down... Yeah, I don't wanna imagine either.

12. "Hey, bro, don't get any closer, you're high man, he'll get a bite this time." "Bro, I'll give a sugar kiss, that's it!"

13. "Hey, pals! When I count to three, we're taking a step to the right. And Johnny will be surprised, OK?!"

14. "See? We're carrying you like a baby!" "Don't you ever step on the gas suddenly, that's all I ask!"

15. The one with the closed eyes knows what's gonna happen. But... Obey the order no matter what!

16. Hey man, if you're looking for trouble, at least find some that won't harm others.

17. "Hey pals, let go off me, I don't wanna live anymore." "No we won't, you'll have to kill us."
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