Keanu Reeves Just Got Memed, Again!!!


Sometimes I wonder who got memed more. Is it Leo or Keanu? Since Leo his Oscar, he probably quit the race but Mr. Neo Anderson is never gonna stop amazing the internet. Somehow a 1989 photo of Keanu made it's way to the internet and guess what? We all lost our sh*t! 😱😱😱 


Here is the original photo.

It's a young and innocent Keanu totally not aware of the sh*t storm yet to come. Mind the slav squat meme position.

1. Straight Outta Zion

2. I don't get this one. But there is John Wick and a buttcrack so why not.

3. Keanu The Toruk Makto!

4. Taking a dump...

5. Keanu and Raphael... or Michelangelo... or whatever.

6. Sad Keanu. This got memed before. Then memed again. Memeception.

7. This picture is symbolizing Keanu's career.

8. This took some time for me to get it. Keanu Potter or Daniel Reecliff.

9. Matrix pill joke? Matrix pill joke.

10. It's the rarest pepe ever.

11. Awww actually this is cute.

12. Introducing Micheal Bay's Ninja Turtles Prequel.

13. I like this without a reason. Because Rock.

14. One of Ted Logan's best adventures.

15. Have you seen Keanu's performance in Knock Knock? It was a total cringe. Just sayin'.

16. Doing it before it was cool.

17. Did you know originially Keanu was meant to star in Martian? Probably you didn't. Because that's not true.
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