iPhone 7 Bravely Survives 10 Extreme Durability Tests!

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With the bad news of iPhone 7 coming up lately, like this one, we decided to take a closer look into its durability. With the help of YouTuber JerryRigEverything, we've made 10 GIFs of different torture tests. Let's see if the iPhone 7 is really durable.

1. Fire test


When the iPhone 7's screen was burnt with fire, it took 10 seconds for pixels to turn black. Luckily, it takes even less for the screen to fix itself. As we can see there is no permanent damage. The iPhone 7 looks resistant to fire.

2. Bend test


The iPhone 7 is less flexible than 6. For this reason, it can't tolerate bending as much. It's also important not to break the waterproof cover of the phone.

3. Scratch test


When we scale the screen of the phone, the iPhone 7 starts to get damaged after the 6th scratch in the same spot, which is also true for many other phones. The situation is not bad since it means everyday objects like coins or keys can't damage the phone too much.

4. Back aliminum test


The iPhone 7's back aluminum holds up extremely well to objects like coins and keys. On the other hand, we can't say the same thing for razor blades...

5. Earpiece test


The earpiece is made of metal and it's solidly stuck in place. It won't be falling out like the iPhone 4's did.

6. Lens test


Sadly, the iPhone 7's camera lens is not as good as Apple claims. The lens is scratch resistant, but it's not sapphire so it still gets scratched at level 6, meaning the 6th scratch on the same spot damages the lens.

7. Home button test


There have been rumors that home button was made out of sapphire which is extremely durable. But since the iPhone 7 home button gets scratched deeply at level 6, we can say that it's regular glass. Still, it's way stronger than plastic home buttons and can resist a scratch even from a razor blade.

8. LED flash test


The iPhone 7's LED flash can only be scratched by a razor blade, which proves that it's durable.

9. Volume buttons test


The iPhone 7's volume buttons are made with metal like it should be. Metal buttons have a long lasting durability, unlike plastic buttons.

10. Antenna bands test


If the antenna bands are removed slowly in time, the cellular connection will worsen. The iPhone 7 also passes this test.

To put it short, if you don't stab your iPhone with a razor blade knife, you can expect a long life out of it.

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