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How To Show The Entire World You Have A Boyfriend: Ideas From Historical Ladies...


Back in the days, we think it was very important to carry your men around with you. Or then again, these ladies might have some serious troubles…We wanted you to remind you of this once cool gesture ladies did for their lovers…


1. She’s not settling down with a small one for sure…

2. This lady wants to make sure we see him.

3. Taking boyfriend brooch buttons to the next level. (What the hell is that even?)

4. Ok this one is elegant and done properly. She went for a bracelet.

5. Oh we are SURE you had to hold that jewelry box like that…

6. Another big ass pendant here.

7. This might be her brother, uncle, father because we doubt she would find someone with tha…

8. Come take a closer look to number fou…WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT FOR A FACE?

9. Look who smiles at us among all this plain beauty?

10. She’s too lazy to carry it on her own clearly…

11. Ok, obviously she inherited tons of money and someone married her for the money. Look at all those riches!

12. Talk about aristocracy. Her husband is overshadowed by her zimzongs and bamblezups.

13. Sooo does the mannequin come with a husband? Or is that the default husband model?

14. Such a hmpf, not impressed pose…

15. So this is what sports wristbands looked like back then?

16. It feels like we’ve seen a lot of this lady. Does she have many husbands or is he sick, we dunno.

17. She seems very elegant and in love.

18. Number 14, closer look. Is that an affair?!!! My my…

19. Ugh, so tasteless…

20. We can’t really tell what is that on the bracelet. Maybe she focused on the instrument.

21. That’s bitchin girl!

22. You got it going girlfriend!

23. She clearly has her eyes on you. Back off from the husband!

24. She brought her husband too!

And look at the guys, no elegance, no photos of their women, no nothing.

Look at this clown. Literally!

Created by an Onedio member. No intervention by Onedio Staff. You can freely create Onedio content.

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