How To Build Your Dream Home In 15 Steps?!


Steve Areen wanted his dream house, just like all of us. But unlike many of us, he made this dream come to life. All he needed was $9000 and a decent sized backyard!

Heads up: You'll probably want to quit your job, sell everything you own, and leave your town after you've read this list.

1. First he set the land.

Very humble, very small...

2. He started building the skeleton using wood, bricks and cement...

3. He made sure to construct small additions.

Kinda looks like Yoda's place!

4. Oh and yes, he did all this by himself!

5. He bought everything from the discount/promotion stores in Thailand, where he lives.

Now it looks like a giant pitcher!

6. He made sure to take a snap as he was halfway done.

7. The inside looked just as nice as the outside.

8. This is the final product!

9. This little gazebo promises so much greatness!

10. Mmmmhhhh, bliss!

11. A small pond and lilies, too!

12. The most peaceful corner on earth?

13. Just as wonderful at night!

14. Here's his bedroom.

15. He went over each and every detail!

Moral of the story: As long as you have the dedication and imagination, you can make your dreams come to life, even with the smallest of budgets. Long story short: Keep dreaming, keep trying, keep working!

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