Everyone, Get in Here! Rainbow Eyebrows Are A Thing Now


We love rainbows and stylish eyebrows. Let's make rainbow eyebrows the next big thing together.

We totally loved the grungy hairstyles with crazy colors. It's time for the eyebrows now.

You can match them with your hair.

A photo posted by Ruth (@ohnoitsruthio) on

Doesn't match? Still fabulous.

Look at all these wild colors.

A photo posted by urbanbeauty24 (@mxcxxs) on

You can go with simple color shades as well

A photo posted by Tale (@talegrude) on

A photo posted by Lala<3 (@pretty_kitty_meow) on

This dude here did it before it was cool. So what are you waiting for?

Bonus: Rainbow Eyebrow Make Up Tutorial

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