Eat Your Heart Out Blake Lively! 17 Wives Who Are The Best at Trolling


1. This wife sends some dirty pics to her husband:

2. This one promised to make a ''sexy dress'':

3. This one who refers to her husband to his flow chart whenever he gets hungry:

4. This one who created a real bad guy:

5. No words needed:

6. A dangerous troll:

7. This one celebrates her husband's bday with a sweet banner:

8. This one gifted this to her husband when he got a vasectomy:

9. ''Sham'' on you.

10. An advertising-genius wife:

11. This husband who has no idea about what hit him:

12. This wife was about the leave for a few months and made sure she left something for her husband.

13. No lies.

14. This one has a surprise for her husband:

15. This wife who got a lil' spooky for Halloween to scare his boO.

16. Got some good pajamas:

17. Finally, this wife has a clever gift for her husband:

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