Dear Women Of The World, Here’s Why You Should Stay Away From High-Waist Trend!


We all see that high waists are trending in fashion world, and it's not even something new. Women, obviously, are bringing back this nostalgic clothing trend, but be aware, it may be really hazardous, because men around you will be highly affected by your fashion choices! So, please, be a little more sensitive for the sake of the greater good!

Ladies, we do not doubt your intentions. And you all look beautiful whatever you wear.

And it is not our duty to tell you what to wear.

But please do not forget that it could create a butterfly effect.

When you're wearing these shorts

These pants

These jeans

... remember that you will influence men's fashion...

Otherwise we will face disastrous consequences

1. For example this will happen

2. Well this is already happening.

3. These suits will show up in stores, it's just a matter of time.

4. Too ridiculous? Your boyfriend will put on this thing

5. Men will get in line to buy these

6. They will think it would look like this on them

7. But it will not

8. Everyone of them will look just ridiculous.

9. ... and ill-shaped

10. You may like some designs here

11. But please don't

12. Do not give them credit

13. Do not say “This one is OK, I guess.”

14. Damn the high waist fashion for men whenever you see it.

15. Stomp it out

16. And if you don't...

17. ... and if you tolerate it

18. ... then you will not be able to prevent it later on

19. You will motivate men to look like this

20. You'll be ashamed of your boyfriends and brothers...

21. Please come to your senses

22. High waists may look good on women

23. But the men version will look like this

24. Or this.

25. Or worse, this.

26. You have to be blind to not see it

27. We hope you will not be this cruel

28. For God's sake do not bring back the high waist fashion

29. Is it too late now? Don't tell me it's too late...

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