Damn You Autocorrect! 24 Fails Caused by Autocorrect in 2018


''Bruh this pic just gave me lack toes in toddler ants'' ...

Source: https://www.buzzfeed.com/andrewziegler/b...

1. What was meant to say is "ottoman."

2. And this twitter user suffers from "lactose intolerance."

3. ''Looks can be deceiving'' was meant.

4. ''No offense.''

5. ''You mean tinnitus?''

6. Drink it up!

7. Hopefully this person was talking about steak.

8. Marijuana?

9. "Take nothing for GRANTED."

10. A-do-rab-le.

11. This person needs to run "errands."

12. This box is for "magnifying glasses."

13. Can't relate.

14. How can you do it manually? Duh

15. This person meant to say, "comatose."

16. ''Deja vu.''

17. And this person wants to go "trick or treating."

18. This person meant to say "might as well."

19. "Walking on thin ice." maybe?

20. ''Way to go,'' definitely.

21. Who would sell coughing? Lol.

22. This person is talking about "rabies."

23. ''Impeached.''

24. Finally, this dude wanted to say ''familiar.''

Can't wait to have more of these in 2019! Share your comments.

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