Come Satisfy The Mini Psycho In You With These 23 Demolition GIFs


These GIFs may be as effective as therapy for some people. We don't know the reason behind it..

1. All these explosions and you still can't feel the heat.

2. Gone like the wind..

3. Is that Godzilla running?

4. Fast forward please!

5. Who won? Left side or right side?

6. "OMG I need to sit"

7. Mmmh the creme in between is melting..

8. Me burning the bridges between me and my ex.

9. "Imma go now.. Imma come back now.."

10. Do everything with style.

11. I'm gonna dive into the water honey!

12. I said BOOM!

13. "Now let's switch to down dog slowly, OH NO I rolled over!"

14. Cheers bro!

15. I wish we could play jenga with the old buildings like this.

16. "Go on, finish me! I'm ready" "I will miss you tower..." "Farewell..."

17. Think about it, you are in the building nearby and you forgot your window was open..

18. Cooling towers are the coolest when they are collapsing.

19. Like this one.

20. "Do you want more tea? Oh no OMG what's happening NOOO" 😁

21. "Dude I'm going to sleep" "Dont forget to wake me up early"

22. Surprise motherfucker!

23. 1, 2, 3 now get low!

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