Broken Reality: 19 Humorous Photos Showing The True Colours Of Social Media!


We all lie like a trooper on social media. We all know that "a perfect photo" takes 31234 attempts. Here are 19 humorous photos that show the true colours of everything!

1. Jack: “Where to, Miss?” Rose: “To the stars.”

2. What a perfect family photo.

3. Oh hello Prince Charming!

4. Fries before guys!

5. Perfect picture of a sunny chill-out-day!

6. Unique(corn)!

7. An attempt to be a good boy 😂

8. Beach life!

9. Even the pets lie on social media...

10. Being a blogger is hard...

11. An attempt to be the perfect couple!

12. Do NOT trust the advertisement!

13. Ummm...okey!

14. Still beautiful 👊

15. 😂😂

16. Cuddling at its finest ❣️❣️

17. "Descover the world!" they say..."It will be fun" they say...

18. Extreme summer glam makeup routine.

19. Me vs. you

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