Artist Creates Hilarious Mashups Imagining How Photoshop Would Make Jokes!


James Popsys is a talented photoshop artist. As one might spot at first glance, his images are combinations of unlikely couples. James describes the taste of his own work with one single word: 'fun'. Give these pairs a chance, most probably you are going to like it!

1. Global Warming

2. Polar Panels

3. Wet Floor

4. "Light" House

5. Suits

6. Bbq Building

7. Stranded

8. Sink or Fly

9. Star Fish


11. Packing Light

12. Shower Cap

13. Zone 334

14. No Exit

15. Tyred of London

16. Coral Leaf

17. Digital Ben

18. Tall Order

19. Lazy morning

20. Friendly fire

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