April Fools' 2017: Here Are The 12 Best Corporate Pranks This Year!


In a time of fake news, you'd be forgiven for thinking some of these pranks were real. But a Whopper-flavored toothpaste? Come on…

Like everyone else (your elementary school kid or that one 'really hilarious' person in your office), brands spent a good amount of time to come up with April Fool’s pranks. We agree that some of them were really lame, but here are the 12 best!

1. Google Maps morphs into Pac-Man.

Every year on April Fools’ Day, Google puts out a bunch of prank videos and Easter eggs. This time they revisited an old idea for 2017: Pac-Man in Google Maps. Take a random spot in the world and get five lives to outrun the ghosts! Google announced the game on Facebook with the caption: “She's a map-eater. And today, you can be one too.”

2. Daft Punk announced a full 25-Date Live Tour.


The previous night the popular music blog Mixmag wrote a post declaring that Daft Punk had announced a full 25-date live tour. The post quickly went viral stating that the “robots will play 25 dates across the world starting this summer, their longest stint on the road since the Alive tour in 2007.” They even went on to say that the official statement read, “Over the last 10 years the Daft Punk sound has become much more instrumental. We will be performing with a full live band on all dates and have asked the most illustrious musicians in the world to come with us.”

Unfortunately, folks, this was just all one big April Fools' joke.

3. Snapchat with Instagram filters!

Snapchat came up with a prank that made people actually laugh: When you take a picture with Snapchat and swipe right to get the first filter, you find a fake Instagram overlay for your photos! (In case you didn’t get it: Facebook and Instagram have copied Snapchat over and over again. Stories have been copy-pasted into the Facebook app, the Instagram app, the Messenger app and WhatsApp, because everyone loves stories.)

The photo you see above is Kirt Wagster from Recode. Just. Hilarious!

4. Emirates wants to build an airplane with a swimming pool and gym.


Emirates Airlines, on Friday, revealed plans for a giant jet that would include a grassy park, a swimming pool, and a game room. The airline posted three renderings of the fantasy plane. It showed normal seating on the top floor and half of the middle floor with a games room and park in the rear. The bottom floor has a pool with deck chairs and shrubbery.

Just one gallon of water weighs eight pounds, so if the pool held 15,000 gallons of water, that would be 120,000 extra pounds to fly around.

Well, the name of the plane: APR001.

5. Pornhub frightened everyone by announcing that they had introduced “automatic video sharing to your social media accounts.”

If it is part of your daily routine to log onto Pornhub, then April Fools' Day would have been pretty terrifying for you. Those logging on to do some biology research got the fright of their lives when they selected their video of choice only to be cheerfully informed by Pornhub that they no longer needed to manually share the videos on their social media accounts as the site was going to do that for them automatically!

6. Netflix Live - a Will Arnett-narrated ASMR experience.

Netflix is now showing a sneak peak of “Netflix Live” — a live stream of “life’s biggest thrills,” featuring Will Arnett. “Toasters toasting. Grass growing. Fans blowing.”

This was a hilarious, 48 prerecorded, watchable minutes of Arnett doing a bizarre ASMR narration. It’s a stream-of-consciousness discussion touching on everything from copy machines to parallel parking. All you need to do is log in and go to Netflix homepage!

7. Burger King launches Whopper-flavored toothpaste.

“To keep that Whopper taste in my mouth, I haven’t brushed my teeth for two weeks. It really works but my wife dumped me,” says  a man with sparkly white teeth discussing his desire to keep that Whopper taste going all day long.

A dentist chimes in, “From day one, the ultra-fresh advanced Whopper technology will help keep your breath Whopper fresh longer than ever, and you’ll notice the results immediately.”

8. Amazon Adds ‘Petlexa’ Functionality.

Pets are people, too. Well, at least as far as Alexa’s concerned.

Amazon announced a new “Petlexa” feature available on all smart speaker hardware products running Alexa. In a nutshell, the Petlexa feature allows dogs, cats and other common household pets to communicate with the voice-enabled AI virtual assistant just like human consumers do.

Petlexa gives pets the freedom to order their food from Amazon — a fast-growing marketplace for dogs, cats and even hamsters!

9. Honda Horn Emojis.

Honda announced a major update to the conventional vehicle horn with the introduction of Honda Horn Emojis: an integrated vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-human communications system for the modern driver. Honda Horn Emojis offer more expressive horn sounds than a traditional car horn, providing drivers a contemporary way of communicating.

This one could really be useful, but it was all just a prank. Sorry.

10. The T-Mobile ONEsie.

T-Mobile is offering full coverage with its wearable ONEsie. Made from nano technology, it's where "couture meets connectivity," 

The T-Mobile Onesie is an April Fools’ Day joke, of course, but it’s also a real product that you can buy from T-Mobile’s online clothing and accessory store! In case you want to live in a joke for the rest of the year…

11. Learn Emoji in just 5 minutes a day. For free.

The language learning site has made a course for April Fools', teaching users the language of Emoji. It comes with a flash card set to help you learn.

12. Virgin Australia's doggie flight attendants.

“We’ve been months in training at our custom built facility,” the intricate marketing stunt says. “Incorporating five new services to ensure all guests enjoy the magic of flying.”

Virgin said the puppies will hold your place in the bathroom queue for you, and be on hand to be walked up and down the aisle to give you a chance to stretch your legs, as well as be available as pets to help pass the time.
This should be real. Just saying.

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